Lean, Cheap and DIY Microgreens Set up

Lean, Cheap and DIY Microgreens Set up

Lean, Cheap and DIY microgreen setups are possible – and profitable! Join Curtis Stone as he gives an overview of a lean microgreens system at Steadfast Farm in Mesa, Arizona. In under 15 minutes you’ll discover a variety of tips and hacks that will help you start or improve your DIY microgreens at home.

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About Curtis Stone:

Curtis is one of the world’s most highly sought-after small farming educators. His book, The Urban Farmer, offers a new way to think about farming𑁋 one where quality of life and profitability coexist. Today, Curtis spends most of his time building his 40-acre off-grid homestead in British Columbia. He leverages his relationships with other experts to bring diverse content into the homes of gardeners and aspiring small farmers from around the world. Learn more at FromTheField.TV.


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