Our step by step guide to grow salad mix microgreens

Things you will need:

25 gram salad mix seeds
(3) 10 x 20 trays (2) no holes (1) with holes
pH balanced H2O
Food grade hydrogen peroxide 3% – 1 tbsp – 650 Ml of H2O
Medium – in this video we are using coco coir 2 cups
Epson salt is added to the water we use to bottom water Salad mix
1 tbsp to 3 gallons of water
Sharp knife
3 paverS – 5 lbs each
Scale to weigh Salad mix once ready to harvest – not necessary unless you want to know weight of harvest
Make sure you grow your microgreens in well ventilated area.
Blackout salad mix microgreens for 4 days before exposing them to light.
Day 4 your microgreens will look pale and yellowish.
Check your variety of microgreens for correct black out time.
Check on microgreens twice a day. Water them once in morning and then once in the evening. While watering microgreens look for any mold growth.
If there is too much water in bottom tray when checking microgreens in the morning do not water but check on them early afternoon just to make sure they have not dried out.
When harvesting get your favorite sharp knife – scale – container to weigh everything.
Microgreens are harvested by clipping off the stem just above the soil surface, once the true leaves appear.

When you are harvesting be sure inspect for mold, mush, or rot, if you do I would not recommend eating.
If your Microgreens start to fall over or don’t look so well or are tall, lanky, slow growing microgreens that might be because the light is inadequate. They might have too much or too little water.
If you see the bottom tray dry and top medium dry its a good indication they need water. If you notice small amounts of mold growing lightly spray with your food grade hydrogen peroxide.
If mold overcomes an area and wont go away I do not suggest keeping the microgreens simply throw away and start over.
You don’t want them to affect other microgreens you might be growing.
Keep in mind humidity and temperature will effect your microgreens. We are in Orlando Fl so our humidity level should not be higher than 55 and temp shouldn’t be between 65-75 deg.

*You don’t have to use a 10×20 tray to grow in. You can use any plant container, to go containers, just about anything. Just keep in mind that the amount of seeds we use in this “How to” will be less. Also you do not need a grow rack with lights most kitchens have plenty of light, you can always place your peas on the ledge of a south facing window. (Do not place in direct sunlight.)

*Do not just use water directly from the tap, this will kill your microgreens. You should fill a container with water and let it sit for 24 hours to let the chlorine “off-gas” Then you want to pH balance your h20. You can can use bottled water or filtered water.

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