Growing Microgreens with SPROUTING TRAYS!?

Growing Microgreens with SPROUTING TRAYS!?

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🥳We’ve been Growing Microgreens in Sprouting Trays and have had a lot of success using them!

💡They do come with their own set of challenges compared to the 1020 trays because they are not intended for growing Microgreens… hence why they’re called “sprouting trays”

Since we had a few of are followers reach out saying they were experiencing issues, we decided to make a step by step tutorial on How To Grow Microgreens in a Sprouting Tray and achieve successful grows using these trays like we do

We also go over a few important key points that can be applied to any grow, not just sprouting trays! Hope y’all enjoy it! 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾🥳

Hope y’all enjoy!!

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