Drip Irrigation System | Beginner's Guide to Design, Install, Test and Enjoy!

Drip Irrigation System | Beginner's Guide to Design, Install, Test and Enjoy!

This is the drip irrigation video I wanted to find last year when I was learning about how to install my own DIY system and it didn’t exist so a year later, here I am making it for you guys. This is a LONG video and very specific to educating and empowering you to design a drip irrigation system that works for your plants, garden style and climate. With that said, I get it if you don’t want to take this all in now and I’m going to break it down in chapters for you.

I’ve also got links to my preferred supplier, Drip Depot and links to the specific parts referenced:

Supply List of items shown:
Backflow Preventer:
Pressure Regulator:
¾ FHT to Tube Size Adapter ( Female Hose Thread)
Supply Line:
Drip Tube:
Landscape Staples
Drip Emitters if desired
My timer:

My timer system is the Melnor RainCloud but they are out of stock many places due the increase in home gardening this year.

Intro 0:00
Why I started exploring drip: 2:09
Water Pressure 6:45
Backflow Prevention 11:46
Filtration 13:38
Setting up for success 15:49
Supply Line 17:04
Calculating your Run and Gallons per Hour: 23:16
Draw a Plan: 24:45
Drip Lines 29:00
Fittings 30:47
PermaLock Fittings 32:33
Bent Line 35:00
Adaptor for Faucet 39:14
Example of Parts at Faucet 40:19
At the Hose Bib 42:45
Supplies 51:00
Attaching drip to supply 51:30
Testing 52:36
Fixing leaks: 53:02
Connecting a reducing tee 56:25
Checking zone coverage 59:30
Where I bought and why 1:02:35
My watering needs 1:04:15
How much does this cost: 1:08:40

I recommend Drip Depot for irrigation supplies and as an affiliate, I may make a small commission should you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. As a content creator, support via these links allows me to continue to make videos and I pledge to never recommend a product or brand that I do not believe in.


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