Hydroponics pump size- How to calculate pump size

Hydroponics pump size- How to calculate pump size

In this video, I will show you exactly how to calculate the pump size for your hydroponics system. You will be able to do the calculations for your Hydroponic pump size.

0:00 How to calculate Hydroponics pump size?
0:25 Pump selection for NFT system.
1:54 Pump selection for vertical towers.
2:50 Pump selection for DWC system.
3:39 Pump selection for flood and drain system.
4:58 Pump selection example for Hydroponics.
7:01 How to read a pump chart?
8:18 Types of hydroponic pumps.

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  1. What size reservoir tank would I need for 20 vertical grow towers, with a flow rate of 10L to 25L per hour? I plan on using dosing pumps to maintain PH and EC values. Could I get by with two 70 gallon tanks? Always using one and having another as a backup, ready to be used. Or should I just use one 140 gallon tank? The information you provide is very relevant to the subject. It provides me with the help I needed for a project I have been planning. I purchased your Learn Arduino With Pierre course, it was everything I hoped for and MORE! I will be purchasing Aquaponics and Hydroponics course soon, because I am very interested in Vertical Grow Towers. The information is provided at a reasonable price.

  2. Hi
    I am planning to build a 12 gully/channel NFT system. This has helped me for the pump calculations. Although I still cannot find a good source to decide my sump/reservoir capacity. If you have any comments, it would be a great help. Thank you1

  3. Hi, I’m using DFT system , and I want to ask is it okay if I let my 4500L /H run on maximum for a 200L growbed? My head is just 1m and it says the the graph that the flow rate is gonna be 3500L/h if I circulate too much it’s not gonna have any negative impact right?

  4. Clear and concise, thank you.

    One question, the requirement for a vertical system, you state it at 10-25L/H – is this the same for a 2" vertical grow-pipe and for a 6" vertical grow-pipe? This is the magic number I've been searching for and haven't been able to find anywhere else.

    I trust that you've tested this flow rate, so that's where I'm going to head.

    Again, thank you.



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