How to Build the Best RDWC Waterfall Fallponic Hydroponic Grow System!!

How to Build the Best RDWC Waterfall Fallponic Hydroponic Grow System!!

The PA Hydroponics 4 Plant Fallponic system is designed to fit in a 4×4 Gorilla Grow Tent with the reservoir outside of the tent and 3″ PVC returns for clog free growing! Water flows from the outside reservoir thru 3/4 inch tubing and pours into top of the grow chambers with an inline 400 Gallon per hour pump. Each plant site will get about 100 gallons of nutrient solution per hour which should keep it stirred up for even PH balancing and mixing. Having the water reservoir outside the tent allows more room for growing big plants and eliminates the headache of fumbling around the inside while adding nutrients or draining the system.
Gary created this video specifically for the Do It Yourself crowd and for those who may not have access to our finished products. Due to the cost of shipping, currency exchange and customs, PA Hydroponics is not able to ship to other countries at this moment. To our friends and followers in Canada, South America, Europe, Africa and everywhere around the world this video is for you!! We also added a complete parts list below and hope you are able to take this idea and adapt it to your individual needs. As always thank you for sharing, subscribing and commenting on our videos and be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram!
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This is a long video so check these minute markers to skip around:
Beginning: Gary explains the system and gives great advise.
7:20- Tools you need.
8:55- Gary places, measures, marks and drills the system.
27:33- Gary measures and cuts pvc pipe
29:33- Gary goes into the greenhouse to glue
38:38- Time to measure, mark and cut basket lids.
43:57- Gary begins to cut tubbing and assemble the system.
59:30- He shows the complete system.
59:48- Water level indicator
1:00:15- Air pumps
1:01:50- Sums things up and ending.
Tool List:
3 3/4 inch hole saw
1 1/4 inch hole saw
7 7/8 hole cutting tool
1/4 inch drill bit
Deburring tool
Tape measure
Silver Sharpie/Marker
Oatley All Purpose Cement (ABS/PVC compatible)
Safety Glasses

4 Plant Fallaponics Parts List
10 – 3” Bulkheads
4 – 9” Sections of 3” PVC
1 – 3” Section of 3” PVC
4 – 90* Elbow- Street
5 – Buckets
5 – Bucket Lids
4 – 8” HD Net Baskets
4 – Medium Air Stones
4 – 10’ Sections of ¼” tubing
1 – 4 Outlet Air Pump
1 – 400 gph Water Pump
1 – Water Level Indicator Kit
8 gal = 12″ of 1/2″ blue tube
13 gal = 18″ of 1/2″ blue tube
5 – ¾” Drain Bulkheads
3 – ¾” Tee’s
3 – ¾” Elbows
1 – 265 gph Drain Pump
1 – 10’ Section of ½” tubing

3/4 Inch Tubing Sections
4 – 3” Sections to Waterfall
2 – 11” Sections to Fall “Tee”
1 – 15 ½” Section to Floor (13gal)
or 9 ½” Section to Floor (8gal)
1 – 17” Section Towards Pump
1 – 35” Section Out of Tent
1 – 8 ½” Section Down to Pump
1 – 3” Section to Reservoir
25 Liter Bag of Clay Rocks

Gary is the owner of both PA Hydroponics & All Good Garden Supply as well as one of the in house experts in hydroponics and indoor/outdoor gardening. He explains things so that newbies and professionals alike will get value from his videos.

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