Homemade Hydroponics and Diy Water Pumps

Homemade Hydroponics and Diy Water Pumps

diy hydroponic grow bucket using airlift water pump get simple plans

Diy water pump demonstration showing the intense aeration that using diy water pumps for irrigating your grow containers and trays makes good sense. This application shows the pump operating in our homemade greenhouse. We dug a small channel|pond into the ground and put in fish. This of course is Aquaponics which is using the fish waste and oxygen to convert waste to nitrates for the plants to use for growth. grow bucket plans


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New FISH added to New AQUARIUM

DIY Airlift Pumps Low & High Volume Aquaponics Hydroponics

DIY Airlift Pumps Low and High Volume Aquaponics Hydroponics