DIY pH automation for hydroponic reservoirs

DIY pH automation for hydroponic reservoirs

Fregrowli’s YouTube:
PARTS LINKS used in this project (below):
Milwaukee single pH controller:
pinpoint dual pH controller:
Blue-Lab built in controller:
ABS project box:
Peristaltic Pump:
DC fem barrel connector:
Meanwell APV12-12 DC power:
Wall-wort 12v:
PG7 gland connector:
Step drill bit:

Green top drip caps:
Round Coco/soil drip tops:
$7 drip line splitter adjustable:
$18 drip line splitter cleanable:
Cleanable Inline strainer for hydro pumps:
Cheap DC controllable hydro pump:
Res float valve RO:

Nutrients I use:
Canna Coco A&B 5L:
Recharge Microbe package:
Nectar liquid bone meal:
Rock Resinator:
My favorite CALmag:
Cheaper Roots excell replacement:
Cheaper Enzyme than Hygrozyme (just as good):
Great Silicate supp:
MammothP – PO4 liberating bacteria:

DIY LED parts
best wire for COB holders:
crimp connectors:
LED driver AC pwr switch:
Whole circuit power monitor:
Remote LED driver to COB wire (4 conductor):
Sexy little waterproof connectors:
Water Resistant ABS project box (diy connections):
Best 4-40 thread tapper:
Best metal tap, drill, cutting lube:
Stainless COB holder screws 4-40:
AC driver power port:
AC Daisy chain female port:
AC Daisy chain cord:
DC power barrel connectors:

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free shipping & 5% off

my grabCAD account for diy led files: FREE DOWNLOADS:




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