Using Seaweed extract to promote Orchid roots – Results after 2 months

Using Seaweed extract to promote Orchid roots - Results after 2 months

Today we test out a product that many people swear by and try to see if it makes any difference in helping my orchids root!
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The product that I will use is Neptune’s Harvest, find it here

This is supposed to enhance the entire plant and yield better harvest. We are not going to harvest anything with orchids, but I will test out some of the claims that orchid growers put out there on the internet, because this just seem to be the best thing after the wheel! Just look at these:

Some orchid society members are not as impressed

The source of info in this video

Some people say that the products can differ too, so maybe I will trial KelpMax as well, let me know if you want another trial!

I tested it out for 2 months to see if new root production is improved. I cannot say I see satisfactory results, but I will continue to use this product and see if the plants themselves and flowering is enhanced!

But as for the claim that some people use for.. maybe clickbait.. I am not convinced just yet 🙂 The company never claimed anything like that anyway, so I’ll stay with what they claim the product will do and will keep you up to date.

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🌸 My environment:
Subtropical climate, hot summers and mild winters
60-90% humidity, always breezy
Growth space is kept at min 17C and max 29C
🌸 What I use in my Grow Room:

LECA – Pokon or IKEA
Various organic mixes from rePotme
Sphagnum Moss – Spagmoss from Besgrow or

Fertilizer and supplements:
MSU Orchid fertilizer for osmosis / rain water
Orchid Focus Bloom (when I need something low in N)

Pots, containers, baskets:
DIY self watering pots and masks from local flower shops
Lechuza self watering pots
Wooden Vanda baskets
Slotted pots from rePotme

LED shop panels from Leroy Merlin, 4000k
Tertial lamps from IKEA + 4000k LED bulbs (various brands)
Orvibo WiFi Smart Plugs

Shelf units:
Shirley’s Simple Shelving
Lerberg and Mulig from IKEA
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