Oxygenation Of Nutrient Solution | Hydroponics Halifax

Oxygenation Of Nutrient Solution | Hydroponics Halifax

Oxygenation Of Nutrient Solution

Oxygen keeps a plant’s root zone healthy and allows the uptake of nutrients. Oxygen is the key to a high growth rate. Without oxygen around the roots, the root cells would die leading to rootrot (pythium) problems and the eventual death of the plant.

You cannot grow in water unless you have dissolved oxygen in it, so a well oxygenated nutrient solution is essential for a healthy rootzone. The fine root hairs take up the nutrients and oxygen, and obviously the more root development, the more nutrients the plant can take up, hence a healthier plant and better yields!

If you have still and stagnant water you’re asking for trouble because that will cause root death due to oxygen depletion, which in turn could cause Pythium (a fungal disease) to run rampant, or even attract harmful bugs like the scarid fly (Fungus Gnat).

Recirculating Systems add that essential element to hydroponics: OXYGEN. When oxygen increases, so does growth, and in many ways it is more important to consider than nutrients.

Rootzone temperature also plays a very important part in overall tank control, and the ability for plants to take up oxygen, water and nutrient. The ideal rootzone temperature is between 20 and 24°C. If the temperature falls below 20°C plant growth will begin to slow, and if it reaches 14°C, plant growth will stop altogether. On the other hand if the rootzone temperature rise above 24°C the need for oxygen by the plant increases as the dissolved oxygen that is in the tank decreases. This can have a devastating effect on the plant and can accelerate outbreaks of pythium spores and other rootzone diseases.

Golden rule of oxygen – plants cannot take up their nutrients unless oxygen is present. The more oxygen, the faster the uptake of nutrient…but watch the temperature too!
Oxygenation Of Nutrient Solution


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