DiverCity – Aquaponics and 'Multi Layered Farming'

DiverCity - Aquaponics and 'Multi Layered Farming'

This way of farming makes use of every resource available and ensures no waste.

The core of the farm is a high-tech aquaponics facility which circulates the waste water from fish to plants, which extract the nutrients (clean the water) to go back to the fish. It is (and has to be) completely organic, incredibly sustainable and produces food of unrivalled quality. It can be done in any region as it does not release waste water and does not need local infrastructure.

Atomic 6 is in final stages of negotiation with many countries, in particular, developing countries where this is a gift of life and a future.

As part of these deals, local farmers are to be involved in the ownership, they will provide their current farms / farmland. What we will do with their land is the most exciting part.

We call it ‘Multi-Layered Farming’
1 – highest level are wind turbines to gather power to feed our batteries
2 – below is the solar farm of PV panels also feeding the batteries. Combined, this power is to provide the local communities with clean energy
3 – Reclaim the cultivated soil by planting fruit trees. These will absorb carbon, while producing fruits. Let the grasses grow wild – this will bring back nutrients and organisms in the soil.
4 – add herding cattle – lots of them. More the merrier. Cattle stomp the grasses, poo / wee and promote soil health and regeneration. These cattle feed on natural feeds being the grasses. They are moved on in controlled manner allowing the grasses to grow back for the next cycle
5 – Add Hens. They will pick at the smaller grasses and seeds.
6 – Add bees. They pollenate the Aquaponics facility.

All these sources of food (and income / potential export market) from once parcel of land. Yet it also has the potential to power 1,500 homes (based on the video scenario).

You will soon see these being deployed and changing the lives of many very deserving people who seem to keep being forgotten.

A collaborative project by Atomic 6 and Business Protection Group (BPG). For more information, contact Gerald at


Atomic 6


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Written by Aleksandar

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