Aquaponics Nutrient Deficiency

Aquaponics Nutrient Deficiency

One of the reasons why people choose to do our Online Aquaponics Design Course is because we offer real tangible solutions to their plant nutrient problems.

Here’s a clip from our fabulous 8-Week Online course where Murray gives you an example of visiting a farm where the Rosella plants in this new aquaponics system were exhibiting tell-tale signs of nutrient deficiency.

Check out the leaves in this video and ask yourself can you see the tell-tale signs of sickness in this plant?

Murray Hallam spotted the problem straight away and offered the owner a solution to restoring nutrients that restored great plant growth and vigourous health in this species. That’s the bonus of doing our Online Course.

We give you the solutions you won’t find anywhere else when it comes to solving the complete aquaponics solution!


Aquaponics Design Course


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Written by Aleksandar

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