Episode 3: Growing Media

Episode 3:   Growing Media

What are Black Magic Performance Hydroponic’s Growing Mediums?
Our 3 blends, CoCo Coir Mix, Potting Soil, and Pro Peat Blend we’re designed with the absolute heights quality ingredients, blended by expert growers to ensure your grow is as successful as possible.
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Written by Aleksandar

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    I have a question i can not find the answer to, When growing in black magic potting soil,(1.5 GALLON POT) you dont need to feed the plant for the first 30 days because there is nutrients in this soil, the question is what do you do when you need to transplant to a bigger pot, at the 30 day mark you should start feeding nutrients but also am nearing the time to go to the bigger pot, if transplanting into a bigger pot, the additional new soil is fresh and has its own nutrition, so if i'm at the 30 day mark, should you just transplant and forget the nutrients for another 30 days, it sure seems like death to feed and move into a bigger pot.


Framed greenhouse walls are up & old windows are going in.

Framed greenhouse walls are up and old windows are going in.

Growing Media for Hydroponics Systems

Growing Media for Hydroponics Systems