What is a biodiversity hotspot?

What is a biodiversity hotspot?

Biodiversity hotspots are locations with many endemic, native species that are highly threatened. Learn how do we determine which places on Earth require the greatest attention and highest conservation priorities.

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  1. Im creating a video as part as a school competition which provides a prize of various apple products (my parents cant afford) for a favorite video about forestry biodiversity. I would really like some ideas to include in my video. The vid cant go any longer than 1 minute. Please, i really need your help!

  2. Bill Nye the BS guy. Recently I stumbled on video with Bill Nye and did some background on who he is. The early impression he gave on his TV show was the kindly and fun elementary science school teacher. I quickly found out that he isn't qualified at all to teach. All of his social activism has no education or study in biology, psychology, sociology, meteorology or any of the subjects he advocates. He is a militant anti-religion atheist, invasive homosexual activist, feminist and numerous other leftist socialist/communist factions.

    He is merely one of so many purveyors of disinformation. This biodiversity and related advocacies such as climate change leftist activists use half truths for everything. Think about this biodiversity. is it really as frail as they claim? It's not difficult at all to see that environmentalists are claiming knowledge that is impossible for them to have. If this biodiversity claim were remotely true life would have died off hundreds of millions of years ago. Life on planet earth has been hit with every imaginable devastation and like that pink bunny, it keeps on running. Life on earth is the exact opposite of the claim it is so frail. From what I've seen, those who claim a frail biodiversity kinda forgot something, it's called "adaptability". Earth environments have redundancies all over the place. Man is one of those redundancies. We constantly learn new ways to regenerate the earth and reproduce species that nearly make it impossible for any significant extinction with very rare exceptions of natural disasters.

    Environmentalists are merely irrational neurotics preaching doom and gloom if people don't submit to dictated ways of thinking. They are in fact a political entity and not scientific. The environment is actually a very simple thing to take care of. It's like taking pride in your home by keeping it clean and providing the basic needs of your pets. I regard wildlife as an important part of our quality of life. Even if several hundred species became extinct, it wouldn't have a permanent effect. What we would see is what happened many times in earth's history, new species developing and evolving. Everyone with more than a 3rd grade education knows of the huge levels of extinction every time they go to a museum of natural history. Are we capable of completely destroying this planet? We're not even close to having that ability.

    One giant volcano like in Yosemite would do thousands of times the damage our species could do. So many people are so afraid of nuclear weapons, I wonder how they could possibly miss the two times we used them on the Japanese. For the longest time leftists successfully convinced people that a nuclear weapon would have a half life of several thousand years contamination. Today at ground zero in Nagasaki and Hiroshima they rebuilt the city and is as livable as any other city. Even the Bikini Islands where multiple bombs were tested is safe. Without nuclear energy there would be no life, there wouldn't be anything.

    All of this environmental BS is just like the government trying to convince us that the terrorist boogeyman is everywhere. The sky is not going to fall and ALWAYS scrutinize any effort to spread fear. There are many things that prove the leftist environmentalists are frauds. Take recycling. They managed to get laws passed requiring people to separate recyclables and that cost people money. What happened was only about 2% of these recyclables were recycled. The really stupid leftist environmentalist didn't even know there were so few recycling centers. Almost all of that trash was either buried or dropped in the ocean.

    Back in the 70s I got this idea for a sensible recycling, it really is stupid to keep dumping our trash when we can recycle 100%. America is strongly opposed to nationalizing industry and rightly so. But there's nothing that prohibits the government from starting businesses too large for the private sector. So my idea was a massive investment of building massive recycling centers all over the country that would cost trillions of dollars. These centers would not only create millions of new jobs (at a very comfortable livable income) and produce billions of tons of raw product for the private sector business of every size. It would also pay for itself in a very short time, the profits being applied to decreasing taxation. I came up a lot of ideas like this, another is a massive desalination plants all around the coast with pipelines that would fill reservoirs as needed. It would literally make droughts no longer a concern. There are more than enough mega projects that would eventually eliminate taxation altogether.

    Our present socialist government is incapable of assuming any additional responsibilities. We the people (American conservatives) would be required to take the responsibility, duty and right (as stated in our Declaration of Independence) of launching The Second Revolution without the force of arms and renovating all three branches of government to meet the high standards that the American form of Democracy requires. For true Americans who believe in freedom, rights and responsibilities, greatly improving our quality of life is not political. Socialism/communism are all about the people being the servants of the state. It's easy to prove this, just look at all the socialist/communist countries. Do they care about the environment?


  3. Your work is really laudable, especially the imagination. People may neglect this now,but in future they have to recognize please continue thank you so much.


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