Using Light to Regulate Quality of Greenhouse Grown Crops

Using Light to Regulate Quality of Greenhouse Grown Crops

This free webinar hosted by Heliospectra features Dr. Karl-Johan Bergstrand of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Dr. Bergstrand provides growers and their cultivation and operations teams with comprehensive light strategies and end of production (EOP) treatments to enhance plant health, crop quality, flavour and colour of herbs and a variety of lettuces in your greenhouse.

Discussion topics include:

– Prompting plant response with adjustable light spectra and wavelengths
– Using light to improve biomass, height, colour and flavour
– Analyzing DLI (Daily Light Integral) requirements and opportunities to improve plant health and yields
– Applying research and trial results to real-world greenhouse production cycles

Why you should watch:

– Better understand the need for supplemental lighting in your greenhouse
– Learn about areas of crop improvement and how light can optimize your production results
– Evaluate specific light wavelengths and ratios to customize your own LED light strategies
– Recognize the impact light control and automation can have on your business

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