Topiary + New Garden Helper! 🌳🐶 How’s It Growing?

Topiary + New Garden Helper! 🌳🐶 How's It Growing?

Hi Everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! This little area in our dining room has brought me so much joy. Just a quick tour. I love NY Topiary and their selection of myrtle. I also have shopped from Bella Vintage Home for topiary. The Orchid was from the super market! My favorite pots are all Wakefield Handmade. and if you use code “howsitgrowing” you can save 10% on your order. Not sponsored, I just adore his work, he’s a great friend and such a massive talent. He has an amazing new line out right now taking Spring pre-orders.

Myrtle love tons of water, tons of light. Orchids, sparing water, good light. I’m totally new to citrus, so we will see what happens, but I absolutely love my propagation from Brandon Lark Roberts, he’s my dearest friend ( and I smile every time I look at it.

Glancing at this area and seeing gifted pine cones from my friend Kerrie, little decorations that are vintage and were well loved by others, it just all speaks to me. I am so excited to introduce you to our little man Baxter too. He’s just the best boy and we are thrilled he is part of our family! I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll be back very soon showing you my plans for planting under my grow lights and winter sowing as well.

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How’s It Growing?


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  1. Thanks for watching everyone. Orchids are new for me. I promise I won’t be watering with an ice cube, so please, disregard that point as I have had many helpful viewers tell me it’s a bad idea! 🤗

  2. Always wanted to grow a lemon tree think I'll try it now. Like your topiaries. I have a ponytail palm ( Guatamalian) don't like the other kinds. Do you have to cut the bottom and sides of the soil to keep them small? Thinking about doing that to my palm. Love your little puppy. So sweet! 💗TFS

  3. Long time no see. Happy belated Birthday Laura 🌹! Baxter has some interesting markings. Could be mistaken for a squirrel or a ferret from a distance 👀 I'm sure your boys are enjoying him too!

  4. I need a pot overhaul…mine don’t work well together at all. Your set up looks so natural and welcoming. And Baxter is adorable!!

  5. I love your videos! Thanks for coming in to share your dining room with us. BTW,I have an almost 10 year old fur baby. He's a rescue and I don't really know his breed but he looks like Toto from The Wizard of Oz. His name is Baxter!

  6. Laura, your home is always so lovely & charming. I love your details & your plants are pristine! How do you do it?! Thank you so much for sharing. Baxter is aaaadorable & I love his haircut! Happy bday🤩

  7. I love the comment of a potting shed in your dining room. So cozy and lovely. I am thrilled you love your little Tamarak use them in just perfect little ways. Thank you for sharing today❤

  8. Everything is beautiful. If I may offer some advice for your orchid. Orchids are epiphytes and do not want to be potted in soil. Phalaenopsis should be potted up in a bark mix or bark and moss mix (sphagnum) for good air circulation to the roots. It will grow perfectly in your beautiful orchid pot with the lightweight bark mix.

  9. Happy belated birthday Laura and thks for this video, lovely to see your plant display and baxter is very cute. The wakefield pots are very unique, wish we could get them here in Ontario, Canada.


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