The Best Location for Your Greenhouse & Setup Tips 🏑

The Best Location for Your Greenhouse & Setup Tips 🏑

When setting up a new temporary greenhouse, consider three things, sun, wind, and level ground. 6-8 hours of full sun is ideal, with morning and mid-day sun being the best. Wind can be devastating, so pick a sheltered location whenever possible, insulating the edges and anchoring the frame. Lastly, a level area is important so your plants don’t slide around on the shelves.

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  1. Thanks for the demo. Here in the Sierras my sun is very intense during the summer, certainly my plants in the greenhouse will get scorched πŸ₯΅ shall l place my green house in more shaded area? However in the winter πŸ₯Ά 27 F. That is if we get any sun 🌞 only partial sun hits another area of my yard l plan to situate my green house. Will it better off in the semi shaded area.

  2. All we have is sunlight so I'll have to keep a close eye out for an area that might get some shade early in the morning or late in the day. It's going to be interesting. Actually my real dream is to convert an old 10×12 shed into a greenhouse using old windows. We have a friend who's going to build us a chicken coop for 3 chickens and I'm hoping he will be interested in converting the shed for us. Fun plans for the new 2Β½ acre home place!
    As always, enjoyed your project! β™₯


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