Sizing a Pump for Your Aquaponics or Hydroponics System

Sizing a Pump for Your Aquaponics or Hydroponics System

In this video, Dr. Nate Storey guides you through how to calculate and choose the right pump for your aquaponics or hydroponics system.

Nate is the Co-Founder of Bright Agrotech, a leader in vertical, space saving aquaponics and hydroponics systems and a commercial producer in the high plains of Laramie, WY. With this innovative technology, Nate and the Bright Agrotech team feed dozens of restaurants, over 50 people in a CSA program and supply for a local grocer.


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  1. Thanks for the video! I'm looking for a pump to use for a small balcony drip feed system, so pump throughput is not so important, but it needs to raise up by at least 2m. I've not found the graphs for the manufacturers I've looked at. Do you have any recommendations for pump manufacturers who do supply proper information, or specific pump types to look for?

  2. How fast is too fast for a system, I have this old 1000gph pump, and my whole system is about 100 gallons for example, that's way faster than once per 2 hours its 10 times per hour, is that ok or is there even such a thing as too fast.

  3. I bought a submersible pump for nozzle nebulization and having it 24-hour turn in on got wasted and every time were making work fewer nebulizers until were unable of making run any. do you know a good pump for making work from 80 to 100 nebulizers 24-hours without losing power??

  4. Can I put the air stone near water pump, so I dont have to cover the area of the whole tank ?, Bcause the water pump dont use all the water in the tank at the same time.

  5. what about horizontal travel distance? I plan to use a 100 gallon drum of water to pump to 9, 7ft wire shelving units with 6 shelvles for micro greens.

    So if the units at 4 feet long x 9 of them plus the 2 feet the barrel takes up. Would i need to calculate the distance traveled horizontally as well as the 9 , 7ft verticals the puml would need to climb?

  6. I use a 40gph for my nft system. Probably pumping water up 1.5ft. You don't need a massive pump once you have the head height. You can let gravity do the rest and adjust outflows to maintain water levels

  7. I am thinking deep water culture might be less work, or I can simply take the vertical system down at night. This is turning out to be some concerns. I want to use solar system to power the greenhouse.

  8. Hi, NEW to the system. CAN I TURN off my air pump at night? I ask because there are vertical systems and deep water culture. SO can I cut it off when I go to sleep? I am creating off the grid outside greenhouse. SECOND…. What happens if there is no pumping for 8 to 10 hours?

  9. Thank you for your immensely useful videos!! I have a question… I want to use 1 pump that comes to a T and splits into 2 separate grow beds via tubing for each bed. Does this effect the height for the pump? I'm confused, since I'm not actually pumping higher but it is two outlets. If you could give me advice, that'd be helpful.

  10. To increase the efficiency of my pump I moved the reservoir and pump directly underneath the upside of my NFT system thus cutting down the pump tubing length to just 1/4 of the original. I connected a tube from the hydoponic outlet across to the reservoir and let gravity do the work. The pump now works smoother. Thanks.

  11. hi I have a question about if I should run the pump on timer and how long or should I run the pump for 24 hours cause I read the stopping and starting for the pump can shorten it's working life. thanks

  12. When doing a split system and a pump water is send 50% of water back to the fish tank and 50% to the grow beds …. does that mean the pump needs to be twice as large to fully circulate all the water through the entire system in the same 1-2 times per turn over rate?

  13. I don't suppose you guys design systems do ya? I am planing quite a serous system to work off a fish farm I already have with 1800m3 of water in the pond and 10000kg of fish at full grown size per crop.


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