Setting Up Hugelkultur Type Raised Grow Beds Pt 2

Setting Up Hugelkultur Type Raised Grow Beds Pt 2

Finishing up the raised greenhouse grow beds based on a modified Hugelkultur technique.

I am filling the raised greenhouse grow beds to waist high with a mixture of rotting logs, scrap lumber, then leaves and pine needles, then sawdust and decomposing tree bark (full of worms) and then aged compost followed by topsoil and then our own one year old compost.

I manged to get a large section of the grow bed finished before I ran out of time and steam. This was really exhausting work and wore me right out.

Plus I had heat exhaustion from earlier working in the sun. So it was time to call it a day.

It sure is looking good though.

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  1. Hi Troy, All looking good.

    I'm sure you keep in mind where the sun rises and sets so the plants get max light.
    Where are the egg chickens this year and the ones you rear for the freezer ?
    Is your waist telling the tale of Melanie's good cooking ?
    Easy on the food with sugar in it and all the carbs and you'll have more energy. J

  2. I've been watching you over the years and I don't comment very much. I must say this is the BEST idea you have had!! I wish you had come across this idea the first time you started planting in this new property. I also think the other side should be a little lower. But with god's grace, you will be successful this time.
    I don't know why raised beds aren't the norm. The physical discomfort of bending and stooping makes no sense to me!!

  3. Have a Swedish neighbor who has done Hugelkultur for years and in listening to him, he says Hugelkultur allows for plenty of air circulation, since the system is based on big mounds of plant based items over logs. And that one is supposed to water each layer as they are put onto to the logs and that Hugelkultur calls for letting the prepared Hugelkultur to cure for a couple months before planting which is why it works so well.


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