SEED STARTING 101- How and Why To Garden From Seed | Gardening Tips and Advice | Roots and Refuge

SEED STARTING 101- How and Why To Garden From Seed | Gardening Tips and Advice | Roots and Refuge

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This article on the Almanacs website has great information about each variety. You can find out how many weeks before the last frost to start seeds indoors. :

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My friends at Big Bear Homestead have a cool grow light system you can check out here for more info on that:

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  1. I am a beginner gardener. But I was able to succeed in my first winter garden, I learned a lot from your channel, pls check it out. Beautiful winter veggies @tGXU​ I started most of seeds indoor but this winter I also started outdoors and I added some photos how I did them and they are actually ready to transplant now..

  2. Hey. You are that little bit of spark I can go to when the Blahs hit. Blessings. Question, does the projected last frost date change from year to year?

  3. I’ve learned so much from your videos. I had a garden about 3-4 years ago that failed miserably. After watching your channel I have a really nice plan set up, and am even going to build a greenhouse. Here goes 1 more garden in zone 5b Iowa! Thank you so much!

  4. Would keeping the plants in the greenhouse make a synthetic environment to grow in winter months? Also would that also have negative effects during the hot months?

  5. We use low tunnels to start most plants sooner. We made a tube bender and purchased 1/2 inch electric conduit. Bed the hoops to our desired size and cut off the excess. Then put plastic over it and anchor it down. It helped warm the soil faster and protect our plants from unexpected late frosts. This worked for most of our plants and gave us an extended growing season. With tomatoes we wait until the soil temperature is above 65 degrees before planting them outside the green house. We have used a low tunnel to protect them a few times.

  6. On soil to water content when starting, coming from an amateur mycologist, we call this “field capacity”, the best advice I ever got was “add enough water to substrate that when you squeeze to ring it out, 3-5 drops of water when clenching the soil in your hand is ideal.” I went from mycology into gardening instead of vise versa, this always helped me.

  7. I have heard that if you buy a non-organic seedling at a nursery, you can grow the pesticides out of them by watering for several days and not consuming until the cycle is done. I'm not sure I buy that…thoughts?

  8. Hi Jess, I live in Central California. I've learned that nothing likes our "full sun." Also I am a super novice. I've grown 3 tomato plants. They didn't do well. I think another gardener said I should grow cherry tomatoes and romas? What do you think about types of tomatoes for really hot climates.

  9. Risk of frost? What's that?! lol zone 9B here. Me also Why does everything say full sun and then it hates full sun? (Its 110*) We're still wearing t-shirts.

  10. Is there a reason that you don't mix your own seedling/potting soil mix? I'm sure you've answered this a bunch, but I haven't caught it in a video. Thanks, and I hope you and the family are doing well!

  11. I usually stab though a stack of a few solo cups with a hot nail. I think the other thing that makes the 4 for $1 seeds so cheap is there aren't very many seeds in the pack. That can actually be a good thing for people with a smaller garden who don't want to worry about storing seeds for the next season.

  12. I been looking all over for a homestead on the money I have which isn’t much. Does any parts of Arkansas I can buy a plot of land”2-5” acres without all the streets and busy areas?


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