Secrets of the Garden – Full Episode | National Geographic

Secrets of the Garden - Full Episode | National Geographic

On a mission to share their discoveries with the world, scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew uncover the benefits hidden within aloe, argan oil and rosemary. Sponsored by Herbal Essences.
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Secrets of the Garden – Full Episode | National Geographic

National Geographic


National Geographic


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. A seed bank is a nice idea. Yet this is no substitute for preserving functional ecosystems. Plants and animals, from the microscopic to the larger herbivores, are all part of the same ecosystems- and they need each other to thrive.

  2. One may truly wonder how it is that Nature's gifts so freely offering her this prosperous bounty and support is ever considered to be for sale at any other ones' price in this village.

  3. ‘Scratching the surface’? You need energy for for the billions of dollars you NEED to fund your ‘research’. GREEN can be on it’s way but not without MONEY. IC Energy Worker.

  4. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the herbal essence lady has very dry and brittle looking hair. I make my own shampoo and soap and those two things are super easy. Wash my hair no more than once a week and my hair is great! Just say no to nature’s knock offs!

  5. Wow. Are you f-ing kidding me! This is all about an herbal essences ad. That's why I just unsubscribed from national geographic channel. How dare you and with no shame.

  6. Growing my food in my terrace is my biggest love…. Key for happiness and positivity of my life …. Loving my self . Even making money .. no budget or even low budget life style . Zero waste …..

  7. When she said we don't appreciate the diversity and range of plants I scoffed. Anyone who can't be intrigued by plants and their many adaptations and living conditions should probably be walked to the gallows.

  8. Ots look like they want to expand their customers more than saving trees. Everyone is talking about colaburation with companies nothing eals. Sad

  9. Plants are very nice. They give us life and the happy moments in parks, gardens and forests.

    We can be very happy to have plants on our planet. They are like our silent, best friends 🙂
    We could try to grow plants on the other planets for fun, if we ever want to grow forests on mars or the moon.


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250k capacity greenhouse and concrete

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1-Pump Aquaponics Systems: Splitting Flow