Pick the Perfect Pot for Your Plant! | A Beginner’s Guide

Pick the Perfect Pot for Your Plant! | A Beginner's Guide

How do you find the best pot for your houseplants? Should you use terra cotta pots or glazed ceramic pots? Concrete pots or metal pots?

The first thing you should do is see if your indoor plant needs more or less water..then its easy to decide! And don’t forget, you should always leave your new indoor plants in their nursery pots for a while before even considering up-sizing to a new pot.

In this video, I divide houseplants into three groups, and show examples of each group—succulent plants, mid-range houseplants, and tender plants–to make the process of finding the perfect pot for your houseplants simple.

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Can you tell me the name of the first plant that you were talking about when you said that particular plant already came in a terracotta pot

  2. Hi. I bought a ctenanthe burle-marxii two weeks ago and I haven't noticed it has outgrown roots (the roots are sticking out out through the drainage holes). I wanted to repot it because I was afraid the roots will grow longer and I will not be able to repot without damaging them, but then I saw this video. What should I do?

  3. actually at my place most of the plants from nursery are in red clayey soil so I need to repot the plants before summer arrives n for that I let the soil soak..take the plant out of the nursery pot n wash the roots with a force of water from the garden hose that way I dont damage the roots….jst learnt this method after losing a lot of plants…coz the clay hardens in summer….I dunno y they plant in clay

  4. Amanda, great video! Just started getting into plants. Thank you for being so down to earth! I have a Schefflera plant that has two branches and is topiling over. What should I do?

  5. thank you for the video! why is the this strong belief that you need to replant it asap after buying? I just got big dracena marginata and philo brasil and no roots are coming out from the bottom yet and both soils look correct for the plants plus its late September, do I really need to report – is the soil from the store too chemical or smth? or can I wait till spring?…

  6. I keep waiting for your advice on the perfect size of pots for plants and you didnt tackle on the size. Please kindly discuss on that next as im a beginner plant parent

  7. I like planting plants that like similar conditions in the same bigger pot. For some reason I feel they do better and it helps hold the humidity better as well. I just wonder why most plant people on youtube don't? You can make a little ecosystem that one plant isn't enough and it looks cool too. I plant succulents in pots without drainage holes, but I use a moister meter and go deep into the pot when checking if they need water.

  8. This is the best plant/ gardening channel I have come across. You are very interactive with great sense of humour.. just like a sweet friend and not a teacher others try to be. Love you Amanda from India.

  9. Don't understand why my monster dlishia reported in a 22.5cem pot which was recorded by the birdanddais did all the right things to shoots came out practically dead leaf only one is ok


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