Passive Solar Greenhouse Webinar (New Video)

Passive Solar Greenhouse Webinar (New Video)


Luke Callahan


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Luke and Rob, it is sad that you guys have not studied Canadian inventor Richard Nelson's SolaRoof greenhouse. Having learned the beauty of this type, I find it is a waste of time and energy to build any other kind of greenhouses. Just recently, Richard and I have come up with a simple way to retrofit existing greenhouses, no matter what shape they may be.

  2. I understand the "tool" is built in Excel without any macros.  To better protect your formulas and intellectual property… why wouldn't use Macros to shield all access to formulas by using forms that lockout all sheets/cells?  I've built many macro forms where no access to any sheets/cells is possible.  This keeps the formulas clean and the intellectual property safe from copycats.   It also allows the user to be guided through the logical progression of data entry without having to over instruct how to use it.   Rj – Beyond Harvest Veganistas

  3. Hi,
    Any idea what's minimum thickness of strawbel wall be required in Manchester UK, as thinking of building 20' North/South x 10 feet East-West greenhouse for my fingerlimes and microgreens with polycarbonate roof as we are not that heavy snow area. thank you

  4. Use the commercial kitchen to ferment as well as can. It's more nutrient dense, pre/probiotic, and offers another option for food storage (9months) if kept cool enough.

  5. Hello 👋 my name is Edi. I found this through Geoff Lawton that shared and recommend this. It’s the knowledge I’m looking for, so I can better myself. I’m going to leave an input after I watch the webinar.


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