Oklahoma Gardening #4815 (10/09/21)

Oklahoma Gardening #4815 (10/09/21)

0:00 Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening!
1:16 Spirea
The genus Spiraea comes from the Greek word meaning “wreath” and we know that several spirea have a lot of flowers on their branches to prove that statement. Host Casey Hentges shows us a few new and different Spirea to choose from in the market.

5:00 Calvert’s Plant Interiors
We travel to Oklahoma City to talk with Julie Jackson, Greenhouse Manager at Calvert’s Plant Interiors, who gives us some of her knowledge and wisdom of keeping care of indoor house plants.
Calvert’s website has more information about their company:

12:27 Monarch Butterfly Info
Dennis Martin, Extension Turfgrass Specialist at OSU, gives us some general knowledge about the fall migration of monarch butterflies and what we can do to help our insect friends.

15:05 Crapemyrtles with Dr. Whitcomb
We visit with Plant Breeder and Researcher, Carl Whitcomb, about his extensive collection and knowledge about the crapemyrtles he breeds. He has several patented plants in his collection and to find more information about these special crapemyrtles you can go to his website:

Airdate (10/09/21) #4815
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