New Arrival of Proven Winners Plants // Gardening with Creekside

New Arrival of Proven Winners Plants // Gardening with Creekside

We had a busy week here at the nursery with the arrival of some gorgeous Proven Winners’ plants, and we can’t wait to show you all of the beauties that came in this first shipment. Come join me in the greenhouse to see all of the beautiful Proven Winners annuals that we potted up at the nursery yesterday!

Want to learn more about the plants I showcased today? Visit for more info!

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  1. I apologize for the bit of trouble we had with the audio. We had interference with an outside source with our mic, but there was too much good info to scrap the video and we wanted you to see all of the beautiful babies!

  2. So so fun to get a glimpse into the process!! I love PW plants – they do so well for me here in Ohio! You can order seeds on the Proven Winners website – they are mostly for their veggies and strawberries and they are pretty pricey, but they perform well.

  3. So excited for spring, zone 8b! Could you tell me price for the annuals? Or are they all different? Im looking at the pink berry lantana. Would love to fill in a round island with those and a tall grass in the middle.

  4. Oh my all that color and good vibes.
    I am looking fwd to Spring and Summer.
    I don't want to push Winter out to fast because it is what it is in Michigan.
    I need the break to catch my breath. I love being a Gardener 💯 but I rest and catch up inside during the cold months, watch my house plants grow, inside projects get done. Your videos give me that hope of Spring being right around the corner.
    All my PW plants have been order. 🤗🤗🤗

  5. Watching this video makes me excited to start growing here in WNY! Makes me wonder if PW genetically modifies their plants? Because they seem to be able to do anything with plants. That’s why calibrachoa doesn’t do well for me, is the clay soils. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Thanks for the bit of sunshine; much needed in the cold, gray Zone I'm in. My new PW fav last year was Flambe Yellow – Chrysocephalum apiculatum. In Zones 9-10 it's a perennial; for all others an annual – but what an amazing plant. It started a little slow but then takes off; mine was at least 30" diameter with silvery green, succulent type leaves and these bright yellow button-shaped blooms, planted in full sun. EXTREMELY drought tolerant and it laughed at all of our frosts and our Winter so far. I checked it the other day and saw growth at the inner base, so I'm thinking that cutting back old growth and just letting it rip will be fine.

  7. Pleasant View gardens also has a youtube channel if your looking for videos on each proven winners plant and how they use them in their gardens (which are stunning by the way)

  8. Hello I'm a new subscriber and I'm trying to understand how im a zone 7b and I'm in NYC. And your a 7b and your in N. C. Plzz help me understand.

  9. I’m sure you are overwhelmed with this question,, but I need to plan my visit down from central Virginia, at the top of 7B! When do you plan to open your retail outlet this Spring? Looking forward to meeting and shopping with you guys. Love your videos.

  10. Instead of being the crazy cat lady, I am the crazy Diamond Snow Euphorbia lady! I bought 3 small containers last year as a filler in a full sun flowerbed (zone 7b). It grew so fast and filled up all the empty spaces perfectly. It has become a must-have in my garden.

  11. Yes, to a spot of sunshine. You are a bright spot in my day. Thank you so much for the explanation between supertunias and superbells. I finally get it. You explain things so well and simple. Appreciate that! Dreary days for sure here in the Midwest . Flowers always help the drearies!
    Again wish i could come and buy at your nursery.

  12. calibrichoa grow great in containers; no dead heading needed, at all!! my go to each year. basically, I love all things petunias for great color and impact in the garden. thx for the video!!

  13. Oh my Gosh 😍 Look at the little babies! lol Beautiful plants! I love the white supertunias and is it silver berry supertunia? love the one with the white and burgandy! Im so ready to start planting!! This brought a smile to my face. Do u ship to Louisville Ky?

  14. Jenny, thank you!!! Great video, even with the audio glitches!!! My name is Angela and I live in north Georgia the city of Fort Oglethorpe about ten minutes from Chattanooga, TN zone 7b, same as you! I am so excited to hear you have online ordering!!! I will definitely be ordering from you soon!!! Thanks again for the great videos ☺️!!!


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