My Favorite Vegetable Nursery in DFW Dallas + How to Pack Plants

My Favorite Vegetable Nursery in DFW Dallas + How to Pack Plants

John from takes you on a field trip to Doan’s Nursery in Irving, Texas to share with you some heat tolerant vegetables that will easily grow in North Texas through the hot and humid summer without a problem. You will discover many of the uncommon vegetables they sell here as well as how to pack plants if you want to ship them or take them on the airplane.

In this episode, you will get a tour of many of the vegetable plants that Doan’s nursery is offering now in Spring 2019. You will discover which ones you need to purchase that will easily grow through the summer. You will learn which ones have special health benefits that can help to improve your health.

John will share his technique for properly packing his flat of 18 vegetables so he can take them as carry-on luggage on the airplane flight back home. you will learn how packing plants in this way can also be used to ship plants.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:45 My Favorite Nursery in Dallas Ft Worth Area
03:19 Does not ship plants
04:26 Out the back door of Doan’s Nursery
05:16 No Plant Guarantees
05:58 #1 Vegetable You should buy in 1-gallon pot
07:40 Grow Perennial Vegetables
08:25 Do Your Part to
08:45 Greenhouse Tour Starts
09:57 Grow Vegetables
10:13 Hand Cam Tour of Herbs & Vegetables
10:37 Why the prices are so cheap at Doan’s Nursery
11:28 Vietnamese Mint
12:51 My Favorite Mild Chives
13:50 SPinach you have to grow in the Summer
15:13 Gynura Procumbens – Excellent Price – Must Grow
18:20 Buy this vegetable Grows Easy in the Summer
19:25 Fish mint – can take over
19:49 Rice Patty Herb
20:28 Gotu Kola – Good for memory
21:30 Katuk
22:36 La Lot – Grows Crazy
24:02 How to pack your plants to take on the airplane
24:44 Plants I bought at the nursery
26:11 Where I got boxes to take back my plants
26:45 Using Zip ties and Tape to secure plants
27:40 6 Plants packed in the box
28:00 Securing the plants in the box so they don’t tip over
30:53 Secured Plants in Box
31:54 Final Comments – Buy a flat

After watching this episode, you will learn the best nursery in the Dallas / Ft Worth / DFW area for vegetable plant starts for the lowest price, and rare vegetables you can not buy anywhere else. You will also discover how John packs his plants to take on an airplane or how you can use the same technique to ship your plants.

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