My FAVORITE time of the year! Getting DIRTY in the greenhouse!

My FAVORITE time of the year! Getting DIRTY in the greenhouse!

Today we plant up all my marginal plants for use in the tubs and greenhouse. I find this to be SO MUCH FUN!!!
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  1. Lol. Bird people are extra about using printed paper as well. It hasn't been a problem for my birds living long healthy lives. News print and still ticking. Fresh fruits, nuts, veggies, pellets, seeds, and fully flighted in my home. But watch out for my toxic newspaper…. their mostly on perches anyway and there will always be 2 cents to be added. To that I say…😘

  2. Hi Rachel.I need your help.I have watched your video about Neon Green Rasbora(Sundadanio margarition Green).A local fish store has received these guys and MOSQUITO RASBORAs Are they breedable?. Have you bread them.

  3. I need plants😂🤣😂🤣. I'm going to make my best effort to start my first outdoor tub. Im in north Florida. I plan on a deep rubbermaid. Not sure if I should do the 50 or 100 gallon.

  4. i love these videos, its because of these that im even considering doing tubbing and working on it actively, i cant wait for the tubbing on a budget series cuzz i know i am totally doing that right now, it would also be helpful if you mentioned in that video what a few good plants would be that are hardy and would be good for fish to lay eggs and have babys swimming around, OH before i forget, i was curious you mentioned awhile back about letting tubs seed with daphnia and stuff , how exactly do you do that?

  5. lol my pond season doesn't start till mid may and ends mid Sept! chance of snow end of may and it's not uncommon to see snow end of Sept.
    Thank you for all the ideas.

  6. What goldfish pond? Did i forget you had a goldfish pond? I have fantails! I love goldfish!! I need to see this pond!!! How did i not know????? BTW, great video!

  7. Have you ever tried Hardy Hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos) or Scarlet Hibiscus (Hibiscus coccineus) as a bog/marginal plant? The former is hardy in your area, the latter is not (but it grows fast and easily from seed). The crown needs to be above the water line and moscheutos should go dry in winter, but well worth it for the height and blooms (and the foliage on coccineus is interesting as well).

  8. Still love watching you pot all those plants up. I get as excited as you when you get a big plant box in and you video it. Looking forward to this summer's plethora of plants and flowers and fishy, shrimp breeding goodness.

  9. Bubbling bin ASMR works for me. 😊 In fact it's so relaxing I'm going to have to put this in my favourites so I can pay attention when I'm more awake! 🤣


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Green House Technology

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