Mango Megastore! Largest Tropical Fruit Nursery in the Country!

Mango Megastore!  Largest Tropical Fruit Nursery in the Country!

Have you ever wondered where the tropical fruit nurseries & groves get their wholesale stock? In this feature video, we unveil the largest of these sought-after secret locations right here in South Florida.

Why would we share a nursery that only sells to other businesses? For a really good reason.
Zill High Performance Plants is #1 in the country when it comes to new & top-notch Mango cultivars! Not to mention, they carry just about all the most requested fruit trees for tropical/subtropical Florida! The scale of this location is a visual cue into the countless number of fruit trees that get brokered out for fellow growers & moderate-sized nurseries.

As mentioned in the video, they do not sell to the public & they do not ship. You must have a business/resale license to contact Zill High Performance Plants. (wholesale / bulk orders only)

If you would like to purchase from us & are within the Tampa Bay area, or are willing to make the drive – we offer many items from our private nursery inventory. Many of these plants are reserved for our upcoming clients/projects, but if you would like to shop our availability, you can see the full list here –

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  1. So Pete do you ship outside the US for example to Barbados in the Caribbean as yet? Or could you recommend a company that does even in this Covid 19 time?

  2. Hi Pete, We spoke a few months ago, I design farms, gardens, pools, Intentional Communities, lakes/ponds, etc. My great grand parents had the old (I believe original) Mango Grove in Pine Island. As I understood, my great grandfather had bred a couple varieties, one named after my great grandmother. The one Grove there I believe sells one "Jay Byrd" (their last name was Byrd) so, wonder if you know of that one? As always, your videos are great and much appreciated.

  3. Hi Pete I really enjoy your videos. So I want to start a mango fruit farm in Bushnell Florida. I’m planning on going with Tommy Atkins what would you recommend? Do you think it would work well here? Thanks man appreciate it!

  4. With such a perfect weather,, It is sad to see that people in florida are not used to plant fruit trees in their yards. specially in Orlando FL.
    Fruit trees attract a huge variety of birds. (no the actual case) and could feed a lot of people.
    There should be a public demand for fruit trees be planted on public parks and on streets .
    also some sort tax discount as an incentive to those who plant fruit trees.
    I am hoping someone reads my post and help start a movement here..
    Contact your Mayor !!!!

  5. Hi all people from India or near by UP, UK, RJ, HR, Delhi if you want high quality mango plants, lemon plants, kathal plants, Guava plants. Kindly contact me on 9045063856, or whatsup me on 9582623856 for further queries, i will be happy to assist you as I have a big farmhouse and we serve public as well as private sectors.

  6. Now I know where I'll be going shoplifting since they dont want my money by mot selling to the public. Is it stealing if I leave the money behind? Lol
    I took a look at your inventory list. Just wondering if you shop to California.

  7. Pete, do you know where I can purchase a 25 gallon potted Duncan grapefruit? Hard to find. Also, when will those tangerines you planted, grafted, still be ready to purchase. I want to plant in Pensacola. Thanks

  8. As a kid in miami my neighbors mango tree was like 50 ft tall and the mangos where about the size of two fists. when they fell you would wake up in the middle of the night.

    some people gamble , i plant trees,

  9. Thanks for the great video Pete; can you please give me some tropical fruit tree nursery suggestions that carry a good variety of mango trees for purchase and can ship to San Francisco Bay area? Thanks.

  10. Pete have you been to A Natural Farm in Howey in the Hills? They seem to be doing everything naturally and organically. I have several friends who only buy plants through them!

  11. Do you still have to use some chemical fertilizers when weening trees over to organic or do you mean it takes time to transition to get them flushed? I'm experiencing yellowing and leaves dropping on a new tree and maybe that's why. Will they experience a shock of sorts if not weened off?


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