I have an awesome video for you today! James Prigioni is here to teach us how we can convert our lawns into food forests full of abundance! It is a huge inspiration to see how James has converted his lawn and you must check out his channel to find out more of his awesome videos!:

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  1. I always enjoy your channel. Thank you I’ve learned so much! I want to extend an invitation to you. I have an idea for a video. I live in Pittstown NJ and I thought if u have time to come to my home and we can talk about possibilities with my 2 1/2 unused acres to grow food successfully. I have 3 beds, a started compost and this is my second year. Last year was ok I think for a first timer from NYC. Please, contact me if u r interested or want to talk about possibilities for new farmers. I’m a stay at home mom of 2 teenagers and twin 22 year old men. All of us are available to learn and I am always available to talk or garden anytime!! Thank you again for all you teach! Hugs and kisses for Tuck!! 908-319-0056

  2. I am some practical questions/requests/ideas: it would be great if there was an online resource second list off plants and trees based on what part of the canopy layers they like to occupy. Obviously a Vining plant is going to be a vine; what is an oak tree for example canopy or sub canopy?

    Also how close together would you want to plant canopy trees? Suppose I have 100 acres and I wanna make the whole hundred acres a food forest do I wanna cover the whole thing and canopy trees every square 200 feet? More? less?

    Lastly it would be nice to have a list of what food producing trees are sub canopy trees. When I think of fruit trees like citrus plums or apples I typically think of them in full sunlight not under the canopy of taller trees. Or perhaps we want these trees planted between the larger canopy trees where there is sunlight? It would be nice to maybe just have a little clarification on that.

    Thank you both, I love what you doing!

  3. Can I use wood shavings from the sawmill since I don't know whether the wood is treated or not? I only have access to the shavings from the sawmill. I need to know, please.

  4. Thank you for all the great tips!!!

    I love this food forest style! I am in the process of converting my lawn into my Victory kitchen garden… I will certainly keep these great tips in mind! I want to become more self-sustainable and help the community! I love growing food!!! I come from a farming family and until recently we bought our own home so I am so excited to put into work the old and the new!

    Thank you very much!

    “All-natural forest have 7 layers:

    1. Canopy Trees – example mulberry

    2. Subcanopy tree – example apple, pear and peach trees

    3. Bush layer – example blueberries and raspberries

    4. Herbaceous layer – example annuals like tomatoes and peppers.

    5. Groundcover – example strawberries

    6. Climbers/ vining – example grapes

    7. Root crops – example carrots and horseradish

    Have faith and resistance!”

  5. Here in Java, we got so many degenerate land after extensive plantation is actually a good idea to make it a forest?
    because the contractor wants that land to build housing.

  6. the chips will sour the soil, forest plants will love it, but most annual plants don't. This is why you will only see these niche of plants where the soil is disturbed, within a forest area that is…
    you'll need to add stuff to the soil to grow annual plants or you'll outright fail with them on that thick layer of mulch.

  7. I was shocked to see James come walking out yet not surprised because I have been learning from James since I started wanting to garden. You know when the pandemic hit. And you can learn so much from him and we all know knowledge is power. So let's grow y'all.

  8. This video was clear, concise and packed with information. In a short time I felt like I was really able to grasp such an incredible journey! I can tell just how passionate James is about this, he didn't even have to say it. It emanates from his energy and the diligence he put behind his presentation. Thanks for sharing this!

  9. I discovered the Forest M.O. Method ("FoMo") by accident as the neighbors tree encroached. I planted Fruit trees and been throwing down Pine Nuggets for years now and gardening around and within it. Yep, 7 layers of lovin'! Nuggets seemed easier to rake off the Pin Oak aftermath, and retain more mulch. Creating the environment and stealing my neighbors worms for years gives me much satisfaction! Remember, if your gonna grow, go FoMo!

  10. So….all I have to do to convert my lawn to a food forest is have faith that at some point in my life I'll have enough dosh…lots of dosh…to buy trees, plants, wood chips etc, etc, the vast amount of time required to set up & nurture the thing & the persistance to keep at it for several years before getting any half decent result?
    All very well to go look at your local forest, take note of nature at work & replicate it so long as one takes into account the time it's taken nature…a bloody long time. Long enough to make a quick trip to the veggie stall once a week for more than enough fruit/veg for ten quid seem far more attractive. Yeah, I get it…..healthier food, healthier mind/body, self-sufficiency, the joys of being more in touch blah, bloody blah…..but the vast majority of us are trying to keep our ever growing debt to a minimum or struggling to keep the electricity on…we don't have the luxury to play, bouncy, gleaming, isn't life cool, Nature Boy I'm sorry to say.

  11. I'm just studying permaculture as I plan to scale up my ambitions.
    Before the lockdown, I was planning to study English forests to see what works….I noticed there are usually several layers missing.
    A lot of the lower layers seem missing…
    Am I looking wrong or have we ruined the natural harmony in our environments?
    I don't yet know WHAT is missing, only that there are clear holes in several different woods I've been to.


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