How To Start A Food Forest| Site Selection & Choosing The Right Canopy Trees

How To Start A Food Forest| Site Selection & Choosing The Right Canopy Trees

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  1. That’s amazing! Natures own protection for your citrus trees.. I brought my little lemon tree in side because it was just too cold for it to survive.. any tips on what I can do to keep it growing up nice? Grow Grow Grow!!

  2. Well, you looked pretty busy cutting down those bushes and small trees, but like Lead said, they can help reduce wind and shield your plants so you may want to leave some… if there are any left 🙂

    You can also plant other hardy plants to serve that purpose even if you need to cut em down or prune them back as your fruit trees get bigger… like a ring around the canopy oaks and in any spaces between your food forest plants until they get established.
    Different species usually don't cause problems competing for food and water like we've been taught.

    In any case, even though citrus farmers plant them in full sun, citrus actually developed as an understory tree in the foothill forests of the Himalayas. Here in Florida, we have the citrus greening disease, but some organic growers have found that trees under a canopy don't get sick. It's possibly because they don't get stressed by too much sun combined with spiders and other predatory insects living in the canopy eating the bugs that transmit the disease.
    You also get slower but steadier growth that makes trees stronger.

    I'm getting ready to plant a bunch of baby citrus next year, so I've been researching… sorry for the long comment.
    Looking forward to what you've got planned.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I put my lemon try in the shade during the summer because it have a hard time in the heat. Now I would keep it there to help protect it from the cold.

  4. This is Great! Site Selection is Very Important, I Have Two big trees in my Garden, And This is why I Never Cover Anything.. Thanks for sharing, I'm looking forward to Your Next UPLOAD On The Mini Food Forest.. Have a Beautiful Weekend Man.

  5. that is a good study on why you should start slow observe your garden and make adjustment with out spending a lot of money also i thing that you should look into using bio char in the garden i think that i would work wonders in you green house garden to retain water but also hold nutrients i am going to use bio char in my garden in the spring



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