How to Make a simple Organic Insecticide Spray (Aphids, Blackfly, Whitefly etc)

How to Make a simple Organic Insecticide Spray (Aphids, Blackfly, Whitefly etc) Today I am starting a MASSIVE series on all sorts of sprays and fungicides to help you out, I will be uploading many in the next month so to kick it off I made this for anyone who has aphid and other pesty insect problems and this easy method really works. Please like! Subscribe to my Newsletter here:


Huw Richards


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Hi Huw Ive been spending a fortune buying all sorts of sprays to get rid of my greenflies and then I found this brilliant,easy and cheap way of dealing with them.Thank you very much.You're a STAR

  2. Here is me sitting for a dump after just getting out the garden after witnessing a blackfly infestation and poor crop yield on my beans. Just planted tomatoes and cucumbers and feeling the desire to wipe out the insects with the strongest pesticide on the market. Pop this video on and after hearing the word ecover I look behind me and there is a beautiful sight. I will ravage you insects you will not find respite in my garden. The insect genocide begins today!

  3. Hi Huw , is that E. liquid hand soap or E. washing up liquid ? I have greenflies on my lovely lemon scented geranium right now that I want to get rid of . Thanks in advance for great tip ! 🙂

  4. I've used Washing up liquid ( a good squirt ) Vit C powder ( a teaspoon ) and white vinegar ( a good squirt ) mixed into warm water and spray the living s**t out of everything…Works, don't know why, it just works!!

  5. Haven't got any of that soap but we live in rural France and have to use "friendly" dishwasher tablets….so I shall use one of those, disolved in a couple of litres of water. I shall report back.

  6. Add a bit of borax, not too much as it is toxic to plants too.
    You also need to stop the ants if a tree. Put a double sided sticky band, then put something slimy on the band like vicks rub.
    Anything else you can suggest for the ants.

  7. Sorry dude you've got it all wrong. It's fatty acids suspended in water NOT, I repeat NOT soap of any description. The fatty acid breaks the cohesive tension of water and floods the spiracles (breathing holes on aphids).
    Do not make an insecticide at home, even using things in your kitchen… It's illegal.
    Sorry to be the one to piss your bonfire, but it needs saying.

  8. You are the answer to my prayers. I have a kitchen windowsill garden for herbs and every year the aphids absolutely destroy my basil, my peppers, my chilies, my tomatoes and half my useful herbs. Hopefully with this spray I can now grow my basil again. One question, I heard a suggestion some time back that you can use essential oils to help keep bugs off your plants. Is there a safe way to add essential oils to this solution without burning the plants?

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  10. I use a mixture of Organic cold pressed Neem Oil, Sal Suds plus a few drops of peppermint & citronella essential oils. I spray in the evening and my vegetables & roses look amazing. My rose bush was COVERED w Aphids until I used this. Also, some ants farm Aphids so you can make a bait trap with borax + sugar or peanut butter to take care of two pests. Good luck.


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