How To Grow Hydroponically! DWC & RDWC (Garden Talk #36)

How To Grow Hydroponically! DWC & RDWC (Garden Talk #36)

In this episode of Garden Talk, I interview Mitchell from Visionary Hydroponics. He talks all about deep water culture (DWC) and Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC). What plants do you like to grow? Tomatoes, peppers cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, squash let us know in the comments section below. If you enjoyed this video please click that thumbs up button 🙂

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00:00 – Montage & Podcast Intro
01:43 – Sponsors
03:23 – Introduction
06:17 – DWC vs RDWC
07:38 – Required Equipment
08:34 – What To Put In Net Pot
11:07 – Kratky Method vs Air Stones
12:50 – Can You Grow Organically In DWC?
15:02 – What Nutrients Won’t Clog The Lines?
18:23 – DWC vs RDWC Pt. 2
19:11 – DIY vs HydroBucket
25:19 – Easiest Way To Remove Water
26:35 – Water
30:29 – Microbes & Sterilization
34:05 – Water Level
36:10 – Changing The Reservoir
38:52 – pH
40:38 – Best Way To Stabilize pH
43:44 – PPM/EC
46:03 – Water Temperature
48:21 – How To Prevent Root Rot
52-17 – Water Chillers
54:03 – Will Nutrient Salts Impact The Life Of The Chiller?
54:52 – Flushing Before Harvest
57:54 – Hydro Flavor vs Soil Flavor
1:01:11 – Advice For Beginners
1:04:30 – Final Words

★Music In Video★
Johannes Bornl̦f РAn Introduction 4
Christopher Shorooi – Tales


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