How to Grow Fruit; Vegetables in Hanging Baskets

How to Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets provide a great space-saving way to grow many fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, strawberries and all manner of leafy herbs and salads.

Whether you’ve got a small garden or if you’ve simply run out of space, a hanging basket overflowing with edibles will make a beautiful feature.

In this short video we’ll walk you through how to plant up a productive hanging basket, step by step.

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. I’m here because I didn’t have a trellis for my snow peas, so I planted them in a grow bag and put them on the edge of my deck so they could trail down over the edge. I came here to see if it’s likely to work or not, and it seems like it probably will. 🙂

  2. I plant in potting soil but I also use pearl lite in the soil to keep it loose and add Bio tone fertilizer when planting first thing in the spring. I found a good use for the shower nets that people use for applying soap in the shower. I make sure there is no soap let in netting. Then I place a circle of plastic about the size of a salad plate and then place netting up the sides to the top of the rim. Placing your potting soil in to about 1 inch from rim of basket. Like your video.

  3. Tumbling Tom hanging basket cherry tomatoes every year in 3 baskets inside greenhouse to save room in the long single raised growing bed for rest of my plants….

  4. What a great idea for a lining and beats buying the coco liners where the birds are fair game for them lol. I'm new to your channel and to gardening where I got the bug last year with my first attempt at growing Strawberries in hanging baskets and loved it..Can you grow any kind of cherry sized tomato in them?

  5. Sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers will always be grown in the topsy turvy bags here. I love that I can just hang them and have all the that space free on the ground!

  6. My venture into container gardening is ever-evolving as I combat a hot Texas sun and two toddlers that keep me busy and I often end my day forgetting to get out and water the plants. This video pointed out one mistake that I've been making even for my non-edible plants that are hanging in baskets; the drainage liner. I've always poked holes in the bottom, fearing mold growth due to poor irrigation and now will adjust that as it may be what's causing my plants to dry out so quickly. Thanks!

  7. I have mint and strawberries going in my hanging baskets. For a water reservoir I made an olla from small clay pot (4 inch diameter) by sealing up the drain hole and burying the pot in the center of the basket.

  8. Wonderful video! I began a strawberry basket yesterday. It was a wicker basket I bought on clearance after Easter was over. I lined it with brown leaves at the bottom to hold in the soil. I have many more baskets I haven't used so I will today. Thank you!

  9. If any of you guys have FB go to The Allotment Shed. It's a very friendly group and a mine of information and tips. A very useful addition along with the videos here 🙂 I find both invaluable.

  10. I have lettuce, spinach goji, and summer squash & zucchini in hanging baskets. In South Carolina in mid summer they must be watered twice daily. Thanks for all your videos, they are always full of helpful information!

  11. wonder if you'd be able to kindly offer some advice on my bareroot strawberries? Soon after planting them in baskets, any leaves present, dry up and die and all new leaves sprout with dark edges, edges go brown then whole leaf goes brown and dies. Store already replaced them and the new ones are doing the same thing. I keep compost moist not over or under watering. Used gro-sure veg compost and put some slow release fruit feed in as per store instructions. Store said it's the wind as they are in baskets, but it hasn't been 'windy'! 😐


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