How much drainage; fill soil to use when making a raised garden bed

How much drainage & fill soil to use when making a raised garden bed

I often get asked how much drainage and how much soil should I put in my raised garden bed for growing vegetables when first starting out? This video briefly explains my ratio of soil to drainage in a large raised garden bed. Blog:

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  1. Hey guys, I no longer advise people to use crushed granite in these beds – I have moved to a hugelkultur method as per this video I have found that using drainage is unnecessary but if you do still prefer to there's no real downside except the hugelkultur method is better overall. Cheers 🙂

  2. Is there a need to drill holes for excess water seep out or would simply using water retaining components in the soil mix be adequate? I’ve made a raised bed on concrete slab with bricks and cement so am not sure on how to address the drainage issue here.

  3. Bravo! I have seen numerous video's on how to make a raised beds, and Boy are there a lot!! haha, But you are the 1st that as discussed, what is going in that raised bed, and most importantly(to me anyway) is drainage! As you mentioned if people go and fill 2 ft of potting soil and then wonder why stuff isn't growing or other issues that happen from not having a place for the water to go to. HAHa, Good on ya! unfortunately, most thee vid's were of people from US and making us look sooooooo Smart! HAA thanks take care

  4. Mark, on a previous video – on how to build your galvanized raised garden – you used sticks, tree pieces & etc. to start your interior bed – is this video an older one ??.

  5. Mark, have you ever considered hugelkultur? You spend so much time and effort watering and working on your garden, it seems like making hugelkulturs instead of traditional raised beds would save you a ton of work and water. I'm starting one myself, since our summers are so hot we have to water every day. That's a pain and it gets expensive. What do you think?

  6. I am wanting to establish my own pineapple patch after watching one of your videos but I rent my house and I'm not prepared to make or pay for a raised garden bed. I have made mounds elsewhere in my garden and I'm growing chilli's, tomatoes, ginger, sweet potatoes and lady finger bananas. I am curious about whether the type of sand used will make a big difference. Should I use a course sand like propagation sand or just regular river sand or beach sand? Do I need to employ the same principle of a layer of sand at the bottom for the style of raised bed that I use? What difference, if any would it make if I were to mix the sand with the soil as you would a potting mix?

  7. Great video mate – it's rare that you get to see inside a bed when the edge is stripped away. 
    And LOL. Yeah – very cool kids play area.  What? You thought we wouldn't notice?!


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