Hoop Houses: More than just NIFTY!

Hoop Houses: More than just NIFTY!

During the build of Epiphany Farms’ new 30’x96′ hoop house, we caught up with Nifty Hoops founder Jeff McCabe to learn about his company making waves helping growers all over the midwest & beyond to extend their growing season & increase the amount of food they grow.

Epiphany Farms was not only fond of Nifty Hoops’ business model, selling affordable easy-to-build hoop houses with the option of being assisted in the process of site selection & construction, we were also very excited about their passion for helping to support farmers & local food systems in expanding production & supplying communities with food grown nearby rather than hundreds or thousands of miles away. This is absolutely aligned with Epiphany Farms’ own desire to evolve, lift up & expand our own local food production & distribution system in Central IL and beyond. We were so excited to achieve our own goal of building a new hoop house to kick off production for the 2020 season at the Epiphany Farms Estate by working with a company built on the same passion & enthusiasm for invigorating & empowering local, sustainable food & farming.

Nifty Hoops, based in Ann Arbor Michigan, began as a not-for-profit project called ‘Selma Cafe’. Jeff utilized his own home to hold weekly breakfasts to benefit local farmers by raising money & donating funds & labor to help build infrastructure, primarily hoop houses / greenhouses / high tunnels. This escalated finally to a beneficial business that is quickly becoming one of the most active & successful hoop house supplier / builders in the United States.

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