Hoop House Cover

Hoop House Cover

Ron Patterson, USU Extension, Carbon County


Utah State University Extension


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  1. I have heard a lot of talk online about PVC pipe offgass causing the greenhouse film to deteriorate before its time where the plastic touches the pipe. Have you had any issues with this? Thanks for your videos.!

  2. Hi. How are you?

    Very good your greenhouse. Congratulations!

    Please: do you want to tell me how fast the wind is resisting? I live in a place where the wind sometimes reaches 60 or 70 km / h, (sometimes more).

    I would like to have a hydroponic production inside, to start as a hobby, but then if everything goes well as a business.

    Thank you very much.


  3. Thanks Ron! Awesome content, giving me the confidence to attempt DIY. You used PVC which is light reactant, could I also use electrical conduit which has more UV protection? What are your thoughts on this?

  4. I enjoyed the video . I was wondering where can I buy the materials in order to build my one. I know for sure that I can get some of them at The Home Depot stores but I think It will makes it expensive. Really appreciate if you can give me some tips about where can I get the materials cheaper. Great video!!!

  5. WIATR TYPU 90-100km/h powinien sobie z tym domkiem poradzić
    i oczywiście z racji zbliżających się ŚW , WESOŁYCH ŚWIĄT

  6. The greenhouse film I use for this high tunnel is 32' x 100' UVA, or UVA IR or UVA IR AD film. Since my high tunnel is 93' long that is not enough to also cover the ends. I use pieces of film from some of my earlier failures to cover the ends walls. The longest I would go on my high tunnel if I wanted to make sure I could also cover the end walls with a 100' roll of plastic would be 78'.

  7. I like these hoop houses a lot!  I plan on building one in the next week or so.  I am not sure if I missed it or not but did you say what size poly you used.  I assume it would be like 32' x 100' UVA Clear Greenhouse Film.


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