Grow food from a mediterranean climate in cold climates! Passive Solar Greenhouse Design Pt. 1/3

Grow food from a mediterranean climate in cold climates! Passive Solar Greenhouse Design Pt. 1/3

Your passive solar greenhouse can mimic, and grow plants from a variety of climate zones, IF you design it to. You can grow food from a mediterranean climate, even in a cold climate! Learn how in this series of 3 videos!

In part 1 of this 3 part series on how to design your passive, this video Rob Avis describes how to choose what type of plants you are going to grow inside of the greenhouse and how that will affect the design of walls, glazing, foundation and how to go about heating the greenhouse. Passive solar greenhouses can be used to grow an Okanagan, mediterranean, subtropical, tropical climate mimic. Choosing what climate you want to mimic is critical to the design of a successful passive solar greenhouse.

3:08 Greenhouses and climate change – managing risk with some insurance
5:43 Deck relaxation index
6:30 Mimic ecosystems and extends growing season with greenhouse design
8:03 Goals – inform design decisions
9:42 Passive solar greenhouse design tool
11:20 Site selection
14:20 Greenhouse orientation
15:07 Aspect ratio
15:47 Shape

Passive Solar Greenhouse design 3 part video series:

• Part 1: Design your greenhouse to mimic the climate and grow the plants you want

• Part 2: Heating, Glazing and Ventilating Greenhouses (July 15)

• Part 3: (July 22, 2019)

Buy the greenhouse design tool:

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  1. Fantastic ! Here on southern Vancouver Island we grow Sub Tropical s in Micro climates . Take a picture when frost is on the ground . Where no frost is we grow loquat ,Lemons , Satsumas ETC . In the green house we grow just about any plant we wish .Much love and respect . FOOD FOREST PERMACULTURE .



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