Greenhouse – QUESTIONS and ANSWERS!

Greenhouse - QUESTIONS and ANSWERS!

Plenty of questions and answers about the greenhouse build project! I originally though it would last about 15 minutes. I squeezed it from over an hour down to 45 minutes. 😉




Why do you need to get so many permits?

What is the size of the greenhouse? 26*148 or 3848 sq ft

When you installed the greenhouse posts, why didn’t you insulate around them. Why didn’t you install chicken wire underground to keep the pests out?

You’re part of the world’s problem…cutting down trees and stripping land to grow crops.

Why do you burn your brush? Why didn’t you compost it?

Do you let volunteers help you with the build?

Where did you buy your greenhouse? What brand is it?

What is your covering?

Why don’t you unroll the wrap the other direction? (8)

Isn’t your covering going to tear with it flopping in the wind?

You have a lot of tools, a “normal” person couldn’t build this.


Are you going to install solar panels?

Why didn’t you install geothermal tubes?

You should heat with compost.

Are you going to use a rocket mass heater like you did in the dome?

Are you going to make this an all-season greenhouse?

Aquaponic setup

Where did you buy your tanks?

Why not put the tanks underground to save energy?

Where did the bed liner come from?

Are you going to install lighting?

How much did everything cost? Can you do a cost breakdown for each section? $52,583 or $13.66/square foot

Where did the money come from to build this?

Can you send me your designs for your setup?

Why don’t you use an air lift pump instead of a standard one? They are more efficient.

Can you send me your calculations for your setup?

Why do you have a SLO output and an overflow?

Where did you get the PVC Gate valves?

Your design is too complicated.

Don’t use bell siphons, they always fail.

You should paint your tanks to prevent algae.

You have a lot of custom plastic parts that not everyone has access to. Is the PLA safe to use?

This is a plastic nightmare and no way to grow organically.

How do you access the 8’ bed behind the 4’ one?

Why did you install media beds instead of an MBBR?

What software do you use for your designs?

“Do you ever worry about the well being of your fish? That’s a pretty bad prison you are building for them. They must go insane!”

Why do you grow Koi instead of something like tilapia, or maybe catfish?

Why is it taking so long to finish the project?

Do you do tours?


Bigelow Brook Farm (Web4Deb)


What do you think?


Written by Aleksandar

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  2. It becomes ever more evident that youtube commenters haven't got the faintest idea what cost/benefit analysis is. You are having to answering questions that are obvious with the tiniest amount of thought.

  3. Hello and thank you for your so useful videos about how to set up an aquaponics system
    I have a question…if we stock fishes in the ponds and start to feed them while there arent enough vegetable biomass to obserb the ammonia produced by fishes what should we do to treat tĥe water . can we use biofloc technology to treat the fish wastes untill there are enough vegetables to make a propper balance between fish and plants biomass

  4. It saddens me to hear that you get criticism for sharing your work and designs – especially that bit about "fish prison"! Keep it up, your contributions and unique point of view are appreciated by me for one, and I'm sure many others.

  5. Another Question Please? (maybe two). As regards production, How many grams protein per sq meter does your system produce? Alt: How many grams protein per kW-hr does your system produce? Ultimately: How many food-Calories produced per calorie operation? (You will note of course, the distinction in Calories vs calories.) Have you broken out the operation on base energy economics?(so as to exclude inadvertent subsidy value hidden in financial transactions.) Thank you ! — Physicist.

  6. Lol, the "greenies" have all these wonderful "feel good" ideas about cheap or free energy that's environmentally friendly but very very few of them are practical enough to actually work. They also usually have equal trade offs in one way or another. There really are no great solutions and that's why commercial operations operate on the grid. Usually if there was a more responsible way and a cheaper way to do something that worked, the entrepreneurs would have figured it out a long time ago. Lol at the one commenter that tried to shame you for being "part of the problem"….what a dumbass.

  7. We have same issues even for fish choices here in Western Australia government country, state then council an other authorities. Ft per Ft aquaponics is more efficient an 4x more productive than normal farming where as normal farming needs to replenish minerals an fertilizers.

  8. I have Glen Martinez's plans for his airflift and he claims 600 gal/hr at 60W so that would be 120W for the same however if you are spending energy to airate and airlifts do both jobs it might wash out to the same cost but with advantage of no moving parts or electricity under water. Glen claims he hasn't replaced parts in any of his pumps except a little rubber diaphram for the airpump. I don't know if I'm just trying to make airlift work for me because they're cool but I think they have enough advantages to consider.

  9. So would there be a better design for geothermal to avoid the mold? like using smooth pipe, grading it, and then trapping moisture? You might even run the trapped moisture into back into your system.


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