Greenhouse Progress: FIGS ARE AWAKE

Greenhouse Progress: FIGS ARE AWAKE

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Ross Raddi


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Do you keep heat in greenhouse all winter? If yes, why do they not wake up earlier? I just got into figd, half a year ago and will be my 1st winter with them. I was thinking of putting in colder room in closet where it wont get light and is not warm. Would that work or should i do something differently. Im also going to be getting a greenhouse for them. Should i be keeping them warm all winter? Thank you very much

  2. Ross, any reason not to wake up the figs early and do the shuffle? I have a few small trees so bringing them in every night is not a problem. Obvious question I guess but waking them up early is a good thing as long as I keep them out of cold temps, correct? Mine have already leafed out.


Hoop House Cover

Hoop House Cover

Sunken Greenhouse 7 - Rainwater Harvesting, cooling tunnel

Sunken Greenhouse 7 – Rainwater Harvesting, cooling tunnel