Greenhouse figs head start on the season

Greenhouse figs head start on the season

This is the first season with the greenhouse and it’s giving my figs a head start on the season.
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  1. The last contest requirements were that you just leave a comment for that video and be a subscriber and live in the lower 48. If you meet those requirements for the next contest you'll have the same chance as anyone else. So basically the names were drawn from the people that commented and not from the pool of total subscribers I have.

  2. Very nice, I too build a plastic house for my figs and what a difference, but how do you know that is a FMV ? what if it is just soil nutrition deficiency, does the mother tree has FMV too ? I am asking you because I sprayed my figs in the plastic house just with water for humidity it is just soft water and two, three days later I spotted the some spots on the leaves.

  3. Very nice figs! I grew up on those never cared for the fruit till I had a store bought or market. It's about time I grew one. Ill check out your vids and see what tips i can gather.


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