Garden Trellis – How to Make the Best Supports for Climbing Vegetables

Garden Trellis - How to Make the Best Supports for Climbing Vegetables

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Training climbing vegetables up supports is a great way to get maximum yield from minimum space. Building your own supports is easy, fun and can make an impressive feature in your garden.

If you’re growing climbing peas, beans, cucumbers or any other vining plant, you’ll need to build supports to help them grow skywards. Providing support also means you can pack more sprawling plants such as squashes and melons into your space by training them upwards instead.

In this video we demonstrate how to choose the best supports for your garden and give step-by-step instructions for creating the ultimate pea and bean frame.

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  1. My beloved is making a set of planters on wheels, including one with a frame for climbers, we have a small garden and it means we can move them into the sun and shade as needed and makes them accessible to me on my wheels as well!

  2. if you want your frames to last longer than a year or two…

    1 – cut the top inch or two from an empty 2 litre pop bottle
    2 – stand in the parts that will be buried underground, and support them upright
    3 – fill the bottle with creosote or similar treatment for buried wood
    4 – let the wood stand in there and soak up the treatment for at least an hour or two – preferably overnight… or longer
    5 –  remove the frame from the ground after the beans have been harvested and allow to dry
    6 – retreat if necessary
    7 – enjoy NOT having to cut off the rotten wood every year and avoid your support collapsing mid-season


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