DIY Organic Pesticide Spray with Neem Oil, Peppermint Oil, Worm Tea

DIY Organic Pesticide Spray with Neem Oil, Peppermint Oil, Worm Tea

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  1. MY BOOK: Organic Gardening for Everyone: Homegrown Vegetables Made Easy – get your personalized, signed copy at at
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    Any pests in your garden? Share your favorite DIY pest control below – thanks for watching!

  2. I think I have now watched too many of your videos because you have different measurements on different ones and now I don't know how much to put of neem. I feel like it is very clear on rosemary, peppermint and worm tea but you have put so many different amounts of neem oil that I am not sure what is the most I should put

  3. My garden WAS thriving, then today I noticed a HUGE spider mite infestation on nearly all of my plants, along with cabbage hoppers and aphids (talk about a “pest salad”)! I am thinking that the spider mites could have come from the recent dry winds (in California) and the surrounding vegetation of pines being blown into the garden.
    Keeping hope alive that the garden will still thrive after I treat everything! Thank you so much Kim! 🙌🏼🌱❤️

  4. hi kim – garry here. although i know neem oil is one of the effective organic ways to battle pests. but what's your opinion about spraying garlic water + dish soap? been reading about it but haven't done it though.

  5. hi there from NYC. I am a gardener and this year i planted brocolli and Brussel sprouts and suddenly i have white flies Will this work to get rid of them and what is the website you mentioned for the neem oil ? I purchased a bottle of neem oil in lowes is this the same ? Where do you get the peppermint oil from ?

  6. For a 16 oz spray bottle
    – 8 drops of peppermint oil
    – 1-2 tsp been oil
    – 1-2 tsp worm tea
    – 1 ish tsp of soap

  7. Kim, What would you suggest for the soil where flea beetles were attacking salad greens. I know they lay eggs in soil and I want to put my next crop in that bed. Any ideas?

  8. I like your videos. Btw my garden is totally under a bug war path. Japanese beetles, Asiatic beetles, and I found 1 slug in my Oriental Lily garden and one on the sidewalk. So other than those I'm sure I've got things other than those. Something stripped my miniature rose
    leaves literally gone just the leaf stem. Looks like a skeleton. So I'll be subscrbing, and I found your page from the rustic garden.

  9. Are you using turpentine oil in the garden. I have problem with Metcalfa pruinosa (frosted moth-bug) and I heard about turpentine oil from this insects.

    And how much soap did you add to the sprayer?
    Thank you in advance

  10. Hi Calikim I been following you for a few years now I did your strawberries in the crates. I believed it's been about 2 years. You are a great teacher for gardening. I wanted to know do you know anything about using vinegar with water in a spray bottle for those bugs. I planted broccoli for the first time this summer I had holes in my leaves then a few days later all the leaves were gone. I just had the steams left behind. I'm also using cinnamon to keep away ants & other bugs mice etc. I live in Brooklyn. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden Do you know anything about muskmelon also planted this spring for the first time.

  11. My current situation… BUGS EATING EVERYTHING! such a bummer! I have been using neem oil but will add in the rest! Thank you! BTW, friends and neighbors are commenting on how healthy my garden is this year! So glad I found you and Gary! Super grateful 🙏♥️

  12. Hi Calikim, what kind of peppermint oil can we use on plants i.e. can essential peppermint oil be used ? Appreciate your kind reply and thanks in advance.

  13. So it’s fine to mix the Neem with the peppermint oil? How long will this stay “good” in the sprayer ? Just wondering if you have to mix fresh every 7 days.

  14. Leaves are no problem -there however are lots of little tiny fleas/mites on all container dirt. Afraid to try herbs indoors 😕any advice on these little tiny fleas or flies on the dirt only.

  15. What if you don't get up that early? What is a better time to spray? Or should I just do it during the day and provide shade? I've always done it at night but not has allot of success.

  16. Help !!
    I am a new gardner … So excited that i had to mich growing but going crazy now because I have these worms you showed, spider mite damage, i found eggs and I can't get tid of them … please help with guidance

  17. Hey Kim. New subbie here. I just found your channel a few days ago and have been ordering stuff to start my garden on my deck. Quick question though. I ordered the worm tea and I just received it from Amazon. Is it supposed to smell bad? I mean really bad. My stomach was hurting from the smell. 😂 pls let me know if this normal so I won’t return this item. Thank you.

  18. Insects are relentless on the leaves of all my potted vegetables and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let them win! I saw ur video and made sure my neem oil has azadirachtin in. Tomorrow morning my plants have a date with the spray bottle. Thank you! 🙏

  19. Hey! I made this and could see the bugs crawling away as I sprayed it😂. I have serious issues with slugs and ants. Any suggestions? This mixture doesn’t seem to keep them away…. also, any advice on black spots on broccoli??? Thanks!!!


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