DIY Hydroponic Containers for Less Than $10

DIY Hydroponic Containers for Less Than $10

Growing a hydroponic garden does not have to be expensive. We are building some kratky bins for less than $10 and they don’t have to cost you anything if you use the right materials or have them latying around your house already.

.99 Heirloom Vegetable Seeds:
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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. I have the Gardyn system and it works great. I was wondering – have you ever used an aquarium wave maker inside the nutrient tank to keep the solution well mixed?

  2. My personal feelings on this is when I did it I grew six lettuces in about eight weeks think it have been longer.each one had four to eight leaves on them .it wasn’t even enough to fill a cup up you need to do this on a huge scale to produce enough food.
    It’s definitely good enough for a little bit of fun but you cannot depend on this to produce enough food.

  3. I was gonna try those type of containers for an RDWC system. I bought a bunch of sterlite totes from walmart and after testing them out, my PH kept running away higher and higher until I had 10 on my ph meter and everything kept dying. I kept changing water out of these totes over and over again and the PH just keeps running away. I tried fighting it with PH down but I got tired of trying to keep the water balanced and came to a conclusion they are putting something in the plastic to keep mold and mildew out of your stored items and that is interfering with the hydro system. So I just went back to the tried and proven hempy bucket drain to waste system that works every time.

  4. All you did way make people scratch their head?? Never take gardening advice from someone who works in the office. Just a box with a hole in is is hydroponics?? Zero water movement so nothing to oxygenate the water ???

  5. how big of a container is needed to 9 plants in 9 netcups? The bigger the container the more water and nutrients you have to use for the water to reach the net cups right? Could a 10 gallon container work instead of 27 gallon?

  6. Those commander containers are great. The HDX varieties are also good. The lids are made of really thick plastic. Walmart sells bins that look similar to those sold at Lowes/Home Depot, but the plastic lid is much flimsier.

  7. Thank you for taking us to your beautiful garden, with your lovely daughter, she's very sweet I remember doing the same thing with my father even though I was a little girl he still taught me martial arts and mom took me to ballet and tap, I have so many good memories and learned so much. She's going to look back with a lot of love in her heart.

  8. How far apart would you suggest planting Kale at? I am planning on using a 27 Gal container (same style as in the video) but my maths is only allowing me 4 plants per 27gal container with spacing at 12inches apart and presuming each plant is consuming 1.5gals? I maybe totally lost but what are your thoughts please?


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