Dieffenbachia Plant Care 101 | Dieffenbachia

Dieffenbachia Plant Care 101 |  Dieffenbachia

Let’s face it, Dieffenbachia are some of the easiest houseplants to keep alive, but there are still some things you need to know about them to keep them thriving.
(If you already saw my live video on this topic, I apologize for broadcasting it sideways and that is why I decided to make a proper video to post!)
In this video I discuss:

1:26 Light Requirements
3:50 Soil Requirements
6:25 Fertilizer Requirements
8:18 Temperature Requirements
9:59 Propagation
12:22 Troubleshooting

I did forget to mention that as with most tender foliage tropical plants, Dieffenbachia do like a little higher humidity in the air, so if the leaf edges are Turing crispy, it could also be from a lack
of moisture in the air!

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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. This was great video! Could I ask what should I do if there is bugs? How to kill them? I have two small dumb canes and both have bugs. But I feel they are so sensitive that I don’t know what to do? Could you help me?

  2. I totally killed my dumbcane. Leaves tips were starting to turn brown, I tried to treat it, moved it around the house, give it some fertilizer but was unsuccessful. I finally moved it to my laundry room near a window but no luck. I’ll try to re-pot with new soil and see if it regenerate a new growth in the spring.

  3. Such beautiful foliage. You've yet to not have a video on a plant I need help learning to care for. Thanks for that, you're a super star!

  4. My Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow got destroyed during the winter, trying to save it now and I see tiny stems growing on the sides of the main branches. I don't know what went wrong, too little light, too much water? It was bushy and awesome, suddenly the leaves got yellow, dried patches appear on many, started losing smaller and then larger leaves. So sad, but I don't give up on it. The roots look fine, so I am hoping it will grow new leaves again…..

  5. I was given a dumb cane. What mix of dirt should I use to repot? I've read 1:1 peat moss and soil. I bought MIracleGro potting mix w/moisture control and MiracleGro Peat Moss w/Sphagnum. Will this be ok? This boy is struggling with curling leaves.

  6. CAUTION!!!!Didn't know about this plant when I brought it home… my husky ate a couple of leaves and I had to rush him to the vet… it took about 3 days for him to be able to drink water without choking, He formed a love of ice cubes, that helped him survive.

  7. Need some advice for my diffenbachia, maybe someone can help? Eventhough my plant keeps growing new leaves on top, the lower ones keep turning yellow and evetualy die off, giving the plant a 'palm tree' look. What can I do to ecourage more growing on the bottom for a fuller and rounder look?

  8. I just got a tropic snow, all of the sudden 3 leafs just turned yellow… It has not dried out, neither have I given it too much water, the soil seems to have a nice airflow… Neither can I see any signs of any bugs… Any ideas? Could it be mold on the roots???

  9. I think I had beetle fleas little black specs that were chewing the leaves. I also think it's so unfair for bugs NOT to be affected by the dumb cane.

  10. Hi Amanda, I bought a Dieffenbachia Mars (a truly beautiful plant) almost 2 weeks ago. When I purchased it, it looked in good/healthy condition. Since purchase I've watered it once, about 10 days ago. It has now lost 50% of its leafs & has gone floppy. Have I killed this plant by overwatering or can/will it survive, if so do you have any tips for me to aid it's recovery…..?? Please help, I don't wanna lose this one x (Andy from Blackpool, England)….

  11. Amanda! Why don’t you use a plant watering app?
    It absolutely saved my life and my plants lives
    I never miss a water and I never go over board and all my aroids are so much healthier, I used to always get fungal issues etc

  12. My dieffenbachia looks a lot like the big one you have and the tips are always brown, when I bought it it was fine and it started browning the tips ever since. Any advice? I have it by the window but indirect sunlight and water it probably 2 times a week. I live in Ontario so I cannot put it outside, I try to increase the humidity in the house by turning on the humidifier but the heat dries it up.

  13. 🤦‍♀️unfortunately, my daughter getting an allergic reaction to this plant. Thank you so much for the information. I love your content. 🌿🌱💚


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