Deep Winter Greenhouse Public Seminar

Deep Winter Greenhouse Public Seminar

This research seminar hosted by the UMN Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships highlights recent projects investigating Deep Winter Greenhouse technology. Greg Schweser provides an overview of RSDP Deep Winter Greenhouse projects, Liz Perkus discusses horticultural research into crop production, and Dan Handeen explains building performance and operation of this unique passive solar design.


University of Minnesota Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships


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  1. Wasted time and incomplete research on geothermal year round orchard greenhouses Please go back to people who have been keeping citrus orchards Underground like in Nebraska and Canada… for 20+ years

  2. With regard to mold and fungal growth issues in the tubing i havent experienced any problems. Something which folks do need to be aware of is the percentage of latent vs sensible energy that is released into the greenhouse when the system is being used for heating. Long term monitoring shows the latent percentage is typically around 60%. This is significant as the latent component serves only to raise RH%, not the air temperature. It also represents a loss of sensible energy from the mass.
    In simple terms, useful heat is taken from the mass to convert liquid water into a gas (water vapour) which is then released into the greenhouse. When it meets a cold surafce (such as the glazing), the air drops to dewpoint and the water vapour condenses out as liquid water. The latent heat is converted back into sensible form where it is absorbed by the surface. Typically, the sensible heat is lost to the glazing and you`re left with a river of condensation.


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