August Highland Nepenthes Greenhouse Tour

August Highland Nepenthes Greenhouse Tour

Hey everyone!

In this video we are going on a full tour of the highland nepenthes greenhouse here at Redleaf Exotics!


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. I just recently got my first nepenthes and I already feel the addiction starting. I love them so oooo much, especially my aristolochiodes x robcantleyi. I also got a miriabilis var. Globosa, ampullaris x fusca and a spectacular x vetchii

  2. I am sitting here drooling over all of your beautiful plants! I picked up my very first nepenthes about a month ago. I Believe it is a Miranda after hours and hours of researching. I found it along with a bunch of smaller nepenthes that had soooo many pitchers. My poor guy was a LOT bigger but was looking quite poorly with only one pitcher on it. Squawked about the price at the time but again, after research, found I got it at a ridiculous cheap price. It now has 4 new big leaves and looks like it might form around 10 new pitchers! I am so excited! Needless to say, I am now hooked and have already purchased 4 more and I am anxiously awaiting their delivery! Thank you for making this video for us of all your wonderful plants. I do wish I lived close by, you seem like such a easy going fun person along with your amazing knowledge of all your babies!

  3. This is amazing! Can you share how you.. heat .. cool and humidify your greenhouse ? I need to redo my greenhouse.. I struggled with cold temps in winter and heat and low humidity in summer (using fogger.. shade cloth and evaporative cooking wall for summer and winter I tried insulating with bubble wrap.. but still hit 30 in the winter 😬🥶 thank you

  4. I want to do exactly what you do when i’m older. I’m just not sure what exactly I should be studying. I just recently found your channel and it’s the best thing ever. I really want to breed exotic plants and study them. You are so cool, i wish you luck!

  5. hello dominic!
    where can i buy or order some nephentis, drocera and cephalotus follicularis. please send me the details of your supplier. drop me a mail please. im here in qatar unfortunately we don't have carnivorous plants here in the market. appreciate if you notice this mail. thanks


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