An informational video about Aquaponics, the practice of combining fish farming and hydroponics. The program is an introduction to the recommended practices and guidelines for starting a successful aquaponics operation . The video was supported by Purdue Extension, NOAA, & Sea Grant Illinois-Indiana.


Purdue University


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Written by Aleksandar

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  1. Great video. Im a sustainable Ag major at CSU Stanislaus and just started a small media bed aquaponic system at home. So far, after ~2 months, all is working well 🤞

  2. What do we call those fish tank containers? Thats the most efficient design i see so far. With its cone shape design in the bottom, it would be easier for the physical waste of the fist to be drained. With its whole circular shape, you could create a circular current which could help the fish to be active. Simulating the water steams outside the farm.

    I'm from Philippines and does anyone know where I could buy one of these 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  3. It is such a wonderful documentary. I want to know if Purdue University offers training online in Aquaponics and other courses in Social Sciences and Management. Thank you.

  4. Hello , please tell us how much pumps do u use as air pump and wather pump , we are curios if we want to start doing aquaponics how much electricity u use in 24H to see if we can make profit or not , we follow from other country , we have high price at electricity , help us to understand please those costs too , if its profitable or not , sistem we see parts of it we understand it but other cost we cant make the numbers

  5. jesus christ give a bigger tank to the fish so they can swim not go forward and backward a few inches… freak they re swimming in their pee and caca. Just like lakes and gulf fish farming… the salmons and trouts are full of diseases. DISCUSTING

  6. whom ever is responsible for adding music over top of the narrators voice should be punched in the ear drum. Can understand a word the narrator says making the video a wasted effort on all parties.

  7. Yeah I work hard but rent and all the important bills take most if not all of my money and I have the worst credit it's embarrassing.(all from hospital bills) it's almost impossible to get Into the aquaponics game unless you have a stack of cash !!! I'm gonna just try collecting and saving up equipment here and there one peice at a time….it's still just mind boggling at retail prices for aquaponics

  8. Does Purdue happen to have any more advanced material on this available to the public? I'm interested in methods for closing the loop as much as possible. Such as whether or not it's possible to have enough grow bed devoted to a high density, high growth crop which can be used as fodder for breeding worms or black soldier fly larva to feed the fish, whilst still having enough nutrients in the system to output a profit or sustenance crop? Also, I'm interested in any knowledge on the most efficient usage of the waste solids. I know it can be used in fertilizer but for all I know it could be dried, burnt to help warm the tanks in winter, and used to recover the essential minerals in the system.


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