7 Things Every Well Pump Owner Should Know

7 Things Every Well Pump Owner Should Know

Learn the top 7 must-know tips and tricks for your water well system!
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Submersible Well Pump Owner

1. Write on your control box all critical information such as;
Pump brand and model number, date installed, set depth
Take an amp reading while the system is running. Be sure to keep your test method consistent.

2. Keep all well-related documents, like your driller report, in a gallon bag near your pump control box for easy access anytime you need it or your service technician.

3. Write your wiring diagram and pressure setting on your pressure switch cap

4. For optimal pump performance, check your pressure tank is set to the correct pressure at least once a year. Write on the tank the desired pressure setting and pressure switch settings so you never forget.

5. Be proactive with ownership of your system, ask questions and learn how it works, know who you are going to call when things are not working as they should ahead of time. Knowing your system inside and out will help you save money and stay away from “Emergency Situations”.

6. Where your pump’s breaker is

7. What’s in your water – get it tested – test annually for best results especially if you have a history of problems or are near livestock

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