Winter Growing in a Greenhouse

Winter Growing in a Greenhouse

This video demonstrates how you can grow during the winter in a 4 season greenhouse in Colorado. For more information on growing 4 season please visit our website


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  2. The scientist in me says: let's see an LED indoor/outdoor temperature gauge so we aren't taking the temp readings on faith.

    The engineer in me says: let's see a a four season indoor/outdoor temperature data log so we can view the range of daily temps each day over time.

    The physicist in me says: the r-value of air gapped plastic sheeting can't be very high. That greenhouse must cool down fast after sundown and drop below freezing well before dawn – unless there's some supplemental heating system at work.

  3. DIY FARMER for your fan to blow the air for double layer plastic do you bring in the air from out side or inside of the green house so that you don't have condensation in green house


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