What Does It Cost to Design & Build a Passive Solar Greenhouse? #AskRob 003

What Does It Cost to Design & Build a Passive Solar Greenhouse?   #AskRob 003

Rob’s here with another video in our #AskRobAvis series: Rusty R. asks how much he would have to pay to build a passive solar greenhouse just like ours. Rob’s answer? “That depends….”

Do you want to pay someone to do your greenhouse design, blueprints and construction? Or would you rather do it yourself, with expert help and guidance?

Rob breaks down the costs for all your options here, from a total done-for-you custom job to a guided DIY project with the benefit of Rob’s greenhouse blueprints (available soon!). Structural materials? Included. Glazing options? Included. Shipping costs for polycarbonate panels also included!

Is a greenhouse on this scale practical for you? Watch the video to find out!

To find more videos in this new Q&A series, search the hashtag #AskRobAvis on YouTube!. Want to pose a question of your own? Ask it in the comments below any video on this channel. We can’t guarantee that Rob will answer them all, but he’ll cover as many as he can.

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  1. Hey Rob, just saw you on with Curtis Stone today. I'm planning a 14'x16' lean to greenhouse and you scared me about mold. I didn't consider it before. What can I do to prevent mold? Can I put up a poly between the greenhouse and house? Thanks!!

  2. If it costs $ 70,000 and I assume the depreciation period is 20 years, then it is $ 3,500 per year => $ 292 per month. Can that house, with a relatively limited area for crops, save me that amount compared to the alternatives? The house is way too expensive, mate.


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